From: REash on
Could the size of my program itself be the problem here?
It doesn't seem like it would be, since the program is actually running...
I will try running NI-Spy to see what it sees when the error occurs.
From: Dennis Knutson on
I think I might have the solution. I downloaded the driver for that instrument and in the intialize function, there is Old VISA Open. You should replace this with the VISA Open on the Instrument I/O>VISA>VISA Advanced palette. When you do that, the wire to the string control 'Instr. Descriptor (GPIB::2::INSTR)' will be broken. The string control needs to be deleted and you need to right click on the VISA Session (for class) terminal and select Show Control. Go to the front panel and wire the VISA Session control to the upper left point on the connector pane.
This Old VISA Open shows up in drivers that have been converted from very old drivers. I've usually had the initialize fail to work at all with it in there. I hope this helps.
From: REash on
I'll give that a try.
I use that same initialize driver many times prior to that point in my program, and remember, this is on the third loop through that the error is occurring.
Do you have any idea why that driver VI would be working fine up until that particular point in my program?
And why would I be getting that same error with the initialization VI for that other instrument, the agn330xa that I first was having that problems with, that my first post was based on?
I'm still going to let my program keep running until I see what NI-Spy catches.  Then I'll try changing that Xantrex driver tomorrow.
What is the problem with having the "Old VISA Open" in there?  Is there known problems with that being in drivers?
From: REash on
I ran NI-Spy and it caught the error, but I don't know if there's really anything to learn from the file.
If you think there's any value in looking at it, I can post it if you'd like.
I'll try changing that driver file tomorrow.
Dennis, if you could, please check back tomorrow to see if I still need help!
From: REash on
Dennis, here is the NI-Spy file.
I'm about to change the XFR driver VI now.