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What you are seeing there is all within one test sequence of my program.  I re-initialize the instrument a few times in each test to clear out the instrument settings when performing a new step of the test, but I close the VISA session at the end of the test.  Does it hurt anything to re-initialize it as often as I do?  I probably don't need it as often, but can that cause problems?  I do close the VISA sessions after each test...
My test program is running right now to see if changing that driver VI helped at all.Message Edited by REash on 12-08-2006 10:09 AM
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OK, changing that driver helped some, it now gets to the 5th loop, instead of the 3rd.  It is now getting stuck again on the agn330xa driver.
Same "insufficient resources..." error....
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Yes, I have just removed the unnecessary initialize driver VIs, and am running the program again now.
We'll see what this does.
If this doesn't work, I'm not sure what to do next.
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I told you exactly what happened in your program if you still do not want to have the same fatal error. Here it is again: have a visa close for each visa open per instrument, preferably before and after the last loop (which means that no visa open for the same instrument per loop, no need to), similar to labwindow or any other programming languages (for, end loop).
It is a very simple solution but due to the nature of graphical programming, you can get easily off track of the logical structure of the nested loops.
From: Dennis Knutson on
That used to be essential back in the days of 5.1/6.0 as you mentioned but has been fixed with newer releases of VISA. It is still good programming practice to do a close for every open but the good folks at NI fixed the problem as far as I can tell.