From: napview on
Actually if you read the whole thread again then you are the one who got confused and lost track of the raised issue. Only when I pointed it out the visa open/close issue then you jumped on that but before you shotgun at driver, IVI and even the size of the test program which all were not related at all. Anyway I used to have this problem randomely until that was how I got rid of it.
Another thing if you did not know is that this could happen to ANY resources including active X, .dll (SW only), not just the HW side. Solutions were found based on real life experience!
From: REash on
napview, yes, Dennis and I both did get confused...we just said so...we
got confused by you.  Your answers do not make sense...they are
not coherent and you seem to go back on what you say.  And Dennis'
answer on the driver DID help.   Dennis did not lose track at
all of the issue I me...his answer are all helping
tremendously.  And he was not the one that was concerned over the
size of the program...that was someone else that answered, if you look
back.  Thank you for your attempt at helping, but I don't
understand much of what you're trying to get across to us.  And
like I said, the last known problem was corrected.  I will found
out on Monday if it occurs again further in the program.  It is
possible that all is solved now.  Like I said before, I'll let you

From: REash on
Just to let you guys know, all of what I did throughout this thread
fixed my problem.  I no longer have the "insufficient system
resources" error.  It was little bit of a combination of a few
things that appeared to cause the problems in my program.  But
that darn agn330xa IVI driver for the Agilent N3301A Electronic Load
appears to be very finicky, compared to drivers for any other
instrument I've ever used so far.

Dennis, thank you for all the help.