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> Jenn wrote:
>> Dustin Cook wrote:
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>>> news:hslhqe$muv$1(a)
>>>>> No, he received no warning.
>>>> Ah! The truth at last! :) I received NO warning.
>>> I mistakenly assumed that you would understand the picture being
>>> deleted was a warning not to do it again. My bad. I will try to be
>>> much more specific in exactly what I intend to say to you from here
>>> on out.

>> It's about time you let everyone know that Dave was telling the
>> truth about not getting a warning.

> I appreciate your support Jenn - folk need to appreciate that I *do*
> tell the truth! :)

YW ... :) I would do it for whoever I felt was being treated unfairly.

Jenn (from Oklahoma)

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Are you not man enough to carry on for yourself?

Why do you hide behid a woman?

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