From: Pseudonyme on

Sir Miller : The .txt file can be read using

ls -d .?? *

But, the .htaccess cannot be viewed

[root(a)cougloff] ls -d .?? *
ls: .??: No such file or directory
_chez-il delete pier

> Any new feature to view the hidden files ? .htaccess file.

Like an search index (like in the desktop search tools) that must be
refreshed to re-index ?

ls -a * was perfectly working in the 80's !

From: matt on
On Mar 10, 1:12 pm, Pseudonyme <normancougl...(a)> wrote:
> ls -a * was perfectly working in the 80's !

Still OT, but, are you using the same shell? (hint: if you're using
bash, then the answer's "no") I don't use any shells that are >20
years old, so I don't know if there was support for the dotglob option
that bash has. But, who cares? Fundamentally, you're trying to mock
up permissions via some stupid convoluted renaming scheme which
probably only demonstrates the behavior you're expecting on your
particular FTP client (which I'm sure is from the 80s as well).

Quit all the cantankerous bitching, use 'ls -a', and go pick up a copy
of "Linux in a Nutshell" because you're obviously clueless on the
relationship between software, shell and kernel. Learn how to chmod
while you're at it and quit bothering comp.lang.php with OTBS.
From: Michael Fesser on

>Sir Miller : The .txt file can be read using
>ls -d .?? *

This is not what he wrote.

>But, the .htaccess cannot be viewed

Use the command _exactly_ as given by the previous poster.

>[root(a)cougloff] ls -d .?? *
>ls: .??: No such file or directory
>_chez-il delete pier
>> Any new feature to view the hidden files ? .htaccess file.
>Like an search index (like in the desktop search tools) that must be
>refreshed to re-index ?
>ls -a * was perfectly working in the 80's !

As said - you want to omit the '*'.

From: J.O. Aho on
Pseudonyme wrote:
> That might does not come from the hidden file problem.
> I created a
> Linux : vi rodeo_chan.txt
> And I cant view it using ls * or ls -a or ls -a *
> That's a basic .txt file !!

Did you save before you quit? Do you really have the privilege to store files
in the directory?

> I am actually pretty sure that it is coming from the index search
> feature. Something I am not used to.

Talking about the index listing in apache? are you sure your apache is
configure to list files in a directory? This are quite commonly disabled.

If you are talking about indexing like slocate does, then you need to use
"locate" to use it, and the slocate database isn't updated that often, so a
newly added file won't be found and there are directories that are excluded.

> There is a function to refresh the index ? Which one ?

As no one knows what the heck you are talking about, it's not possible to help
you, please take it step by step how you do things, start from when you
connect to the RedHat/CentOS machnine.


From: Pseudonyme on

Thank you!

locate .htaccess
>>>> Linux does not show my .htaccess created ... so, I wonder if the search device must be refreshed to re-index all files on the hard-drive.

2- ls -d .?? *
That one does not show the hidden files within a folder. An hidden
file is for instance a file named .htaccess that secure the folder
ls -a * was working FINE before and THAT DOES NOT WORK normally

3- Mail destroyed.
Upgrading from PHP 3 to PHP 5 killed our mail flow.
We do not receive anymore the emails in HTML format because PHP adds a
line on the top : Content-type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1
Second, The sender name is not referenced anymore.

Microsoft is not the subject, but, when Microsoft goes from XP to
Vista, they ensure that 99% of the applications will still work on the
new platform. The 1% that does not work are bad applications or, or,
or . . . end of little story about the 1%.

We will struggle to have the mail flow back, and ensured the PHP.INI
enable function to open socket ... but if you have anything about "PHP
5.0 corrupts my email flow" I would again please ask you and the group
to receive my best thanks.