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UK math deterioration; what UK mathematician believes K is not divisible by K
sttscitrans(a) wrote: sttscitr...(a) wrote: You still have not answered my question. If the Key Theorem "Every natural >1 has a prime divisor" state the true **full theorem**, idiot, *every natural >1 is divisible by itself and has a prime divisor* When asked to define prime num... 12 Aug 2010 22:27
Small Phase Angle Between Two Functions
Two functions, sin(x) and sin(x + phi), are separated by a small phase angle. The different between the functions, sin(x) - sin(x + phi) can be approximated by phi times the derivative of sin(x) = phi cos(x). Will this work for all waveforms separated by a small phase angle? Bret Cahill ... 11 Aug 2010 10:21
Evaluate sum(floor(k/a)*floor(k/b),k=1..a*b-1) where gcd(a,b)=1 ... 13 Aug 2010 17:58
Questions about Quinn
Here are two questions about the following text: Frank Quinn, "The Nature of Contemporary Mathematics", ( Question 1: On pages 40-41, Quinn uses the terms 'object' and 'structure' in a remarkable way. Where I would say: R, C, Z[X] are struct... 12 Aug 2010 07:06
A town has two identical cars used to clear the snow from the roads. These cars always clear the same amount of snow pr. time unit regardless the amount of snow on the ground. One day it started to snow in the late morning and it snowed steadily for the rest of the day. At noon, one of the snow cars started to clean a ... 10 Aug 2010 12:29
can Julia F. Knight (Journal of Logic) or Chandler Davis (Mathematical Intelligencer) do a Euclid IP indirect proof?? #5.09 Correcting Math
The date on the below message from Notre Dame Univ began bothering me for it has no year, so I took the trouble to go through my old records and found it to be year 1993. And why in the world bother to date a letter absent of the year, Julia Knight? I mean, you are in charge of a journal of logic and something as... 10 Aug 2010 01:33
neutrino density flux chapt14; atomic characteristics show up as cosmic characteristics #269 Atom Totality
Now this is a pretty way of proving the Atom Totality versus the Big Bang. And when we put the two together of the missing mass as the Nucleus of the Atom Totality and the large neutrino density flux where a Big Bang would have a tiny neutrino density flux, we find fault with the Big Bang on two sides undersized ma... 10 Aug 2010 00:29
unknown Taylor series
Hello all, Does anyone recognize this one? I'm looking for a closed form. f(z) = 1/1 + z/(1*3) + z^2/(1*3*5) + z^3/(1*3*5*7) + ... The denominator in the n-th term is the product of the odd integers up to 2n+1. Thanks. Greg ... 12 Aug 2010 04:57
Implementation of Shanks' SQUFOF algorithm
I am trying to implement Shanks' SQUFOF algorithm for integer factorization as defined in a paper by Gower and Wagstaff (, Section 3.6. Here, F(A, B, C) and G(A, B, C) are quadratic forms Ax^2 + Bxy + Cy^2. SQUFOF: 1. Initialize: Read the odd positive integer N to be f... 13 Aug 2010 07:03
Is There a Canonical Way of Giving a Complex n-Manifold a real 2n-str
On Aug 10, 7:19 am, bacle <h...(a)> wrote: On Aug 9, 1:34 pm, bacle <h...(a)> wrote: Hi:  Given a complex n-manifold M, i.e., complex dimension n,  is there a "natural", or "canonical" way of giving M a  real 2n-structure.? What degree of "smoothness"... 10 Aug 2010 03:41
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