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Excel - Macro to rearrange/add columns in all the sheets basedon column header
Since i do not know if you have any unique identification of columns, I'll assume that in first cell (row 1) there are letters for columns... Sub MoveandCountColumns() 10 For i = 1 To 254 'As 255 is maximum number of columns If Len(Cells(1, i).Value) = 0 Then Exit For 'This is end of columns If ... 19 Feb 2010 04:23
text box in userforms and international number format
Hello, I have a text box in userforms where users enter a decimal number. This number is then kept on a sheet (let say in cell A1). If the user has their regional option set on French for instance (where the decimal point is a decimal comma), they enter 0,7 in the text box then we run into trouble when the work... 17 Feb 2010 09:59
Excel Companion
I have problem with Excel error message Excel Companion. Some links (Excel with SQL server) was broken. How to ignore this error? Thanks! ... 18 Feb 2010 17:23
Sum up values in each column in 12 different worksheets and display value in a MsgBox
Hi, Can anyone help me on how to sum up numerical values in each column (say Column C) in 12 different worksheets and display value in a MsgBox. Because I'm quiet new to VBA I'm stuck...please help... ... 17 Feb 2010 00:34
Hi I have the following problem... I recorded I macro and chose to save in the Personal macro workbook. After closing and saving the files, a file named PERSONAL.XLSB is found in the path C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Dados de aplicativos\Microsoft\Excel\XLIN�CIO I'm using the EXCEL 2007 Brazi... 18 Feb 2010 06:09
counting values in a column
I have a column with values ranging from 1 to 85. I need to count occurrences of the values and put them in another spreadsheet. For instance column c has the values 1,4,25,2,35,65,1,35,70,25,25 and I want to put in the other spreadsheet the values as Column A Column B 1 ... 16 Feb 2010 18:23
how do I copy streaming data values into excel
-- Bob McEver "morningstar333" wrote: I have streaming data coming into an excel spread sheet. I would like to count how many times each time a unique number displays and what that number is. Can anyone help? ... 16 Feb 2010 18:23
BACKUP file created when saving Excel Workbook with VBA
I have a system set up that uses both Access and Excel 2007 so this, from what I can tell, is an access and excel question. My code works, however when it saves and closes the excel file that is created it also creates a copy of the file called BACKUP ..... Is there another step I need to check for files th... 16 Feb 2010 12:57
How can I get only visible cells using range.get_Value?
Hi All! I've a code on C# that reads the data from Excel's spreadsheet. I use Excel.Worksheet.get_Range method to get a Excel.Range object like this: Excel.Range range = Worksheet.get_Range("A1", Missing.Value); After I got the range I read the data into a multi-dimensional array as following: Object[,] ... 16 Feb 2010 12:57
Excel 2007 Routing workbook to Outlook
Recently, my company (finally) began the transition from Office 2003 to Office 2007, and I've already run into a snag: We have an automation (little more than an Excel spreadsheet with VBA code behind it) that is now failing under Excel 2007 (but worked under 2003). The offending code is when it tries to rout... 16 Feb 2010 12:57
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