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Distribute an excel workbook shortcut
Oh Wise Ones, Please forgive me if this is not the proper forum for this question but I'm not sure where to post it, and I feel some of you may have encountered this before. I have an excel spreadsheet that I would like to place a shortcut to on peoples desktops with the file to open r... 23 Feb 2010 12:27
How to pick date and month?
Hi All - Could you please help me on this? In a worksheet "A" column containing birthdays(date, dd/mm/yyyy). How can I write a code to show date & month("A" column) matching with todays date & month in the respective "B" column.? Thanks a lot in advance for your helps... Ratheesh ... 23 Feb 2010 14:45
ComboBox Dropdown not under control
ComboBox on a Userform. I am using the following code to display the dropdown list for a ComboBox when the user enters the ComboBox. However, when the form opens, the dropdown list for the first Combo box is towards the top left of the screen outside of the Userform instead of under the ComboBox control on t... 24 Feb 2010 15:26
Problem removing page break
Hi, I have set the print area to "a1:b9". In the page break view I can see a page break between Columns A and B. To remove it, I type the following in the immediate window. ActiveSheet.Columns("b").PageBreak = xlPageBreakNone No error is returned but the page break remains. Please help. (The requirement ... 23 Feb 2010 12:27
one workbook, multiple users.... (Share workbook)
Then why does Excel 2007 have a feature called "Share Workbook"?? What is the purpose of this setting? The help caption for this button reads: "Allows multiple people to work in a workbook at the same time" Would this benefit me in any way?? thank u B Lynn B "B Lynn B" <BLynnB(a) 22 Feb 2010 18:43
GetSaveAsFilename - file name is blank
Thanks for the heads up Ron, However; I have that code implemented, but I am receiving an error message (file format or extension) when I try to re-open the file. Any thoughts? Thanks ~ Stephen here is the code on 1 line ... fName = Application.GetSaveAsFilename(InitialFileName:="test.xlsm", FileFilter... 22 Feb 2010 16:26
emailing spreadsheet with macros
i have worked out some code to send a link to a spreadsheet to my manager to get his signature. I placed a command button in that spreadsheet to automate the signing process for him. the problem i am having though, is if s/he opens the spreadsheet from the link in the email, the file opens, but macros are disable... 22 Feb 2010 18:43
Unprotecting cells using VBA
Looking for advice. What is the most efficient way to code a list of cells that are to remain unprotected when the worksheet is later protected? The cells in question have no distinguishing features. Each worksheet in the workbook will have a different list of cells. The solution should allow for multiple work... 22 Feb 2010 14:11
How do I use Conditinal Format for another cell?
Assuming Cell A1 is the value "Red" or "Green" or "Yellow" How could I have a formula on Cell "C1" containing Conditional formatin the same as below if A1 is "Red" then Bacground of A1 turns to red if A1 is "Blue" then Bacground of A1 turns to Blue if A1 is "Yellow" then Bacground of A1 turns to Yellow... 22 Feb 2010 14:10
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