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Drop Table w/ MySQLdb?
On Mon, Jun 7, 2010 at 1:07 AM, Victor Subervi <victorsubervi(a)> wrote: Hi; I tried this:     cursor.execute('drop table tmp%s', tmpTable) and got this error: Traceback (most recent call last):   File "/var/www/html/", line 196, in ?     cart() ... 10 Jun 2010 02:21
map is useless!
Everyone knows i'm a Python fanboy so nobody can call me a troll for this... Python map is just completely useless. For one it so damn slow why even bother putting it in the language? And secondly, the total "girl- man" weakness of lambda renders it completely mute! Ruby has a very nice map [1,2,3].map{... 7 Jun 2010 07:25
Sniffer Linux with Raw Socket
RAW sockets are not recommended for doing such kind of things. It is a lot easier and portable using libpcap. Python has a lot of libpcap bindings you can use (pcapy, pypcap, etc...). Just google for it. --- Giampaolo 2010/6/6 castor91 <cas... 6 Jun 2010 11:36
Python 2.7 release candidate 1 released
Just an advice as I see that "old" Python is maintained. When starting with Python (simple programs and GUIs) should I start with Python 3.x ? If it has a decent implementation on Mac/Linux/Windows of course... Thanks, franck ... 6 Jun 2010 16:02
"python sdist" does pick one directory
Hello All, The Selenium can be found at When running "python sdist" the "firefox/test/py" directory is ignored for some reason though it's mentioned in the "package_dir" and in "packages". Any ideas why it's ignored? Thanks,... 6 Jun 2010 01:37
Python Imaging Library available for Python 3.1 ? Fractals
On the site there are several scripts for fractals. See page five. These begin from PIL import Image This fails in my python 3.1.2 Google reveals PIL is Python Imaging Library from According to their website PIL is... 6 Jun 2010 01:37
GUIs - A Modest Proposal
I get the strong feeling that nobody is really happy with the state of Python GUIs. Tkinter is not widely liked, but is widely distributed. WxPython and PyGtk are both powerful, but quirky in different ways. PyQt is tied to one platform. And there are dozens more. Whether or not we like graphics programming, i... 19 Jun 2010 02:39
Announcing: WHIFF 1.0
WHIFF 1.0 RELEASED WHIFF 1.0 is the first stable release of WHIFF intended to be production ready. PROJECT PAGE: DOCUMENTATION: DOWNLOAD: REPOSITORY: WHIFF [WSGI ... 5 Jun 2010 22:22
[RELEASE] Python 2.7 release candidate 1 released
On behalf of the Python development team, I'm effusive to announce the first release candidate of Python 2.7. Python 2.7 is scheduled (by Guido and Python-dev) to be the last major version in the 2.x series. However, 2.7 will have an extended period of bugfix maintenance. 2.7 includes many features that were f... 5 Jun 2010 22:22
save xls to csv/dbf without Excel/win32com.client
Is there a way to save a .xls file (the first worksheet) as a .dbf or .csv without opening an instance of Excel with win32com.client (been awhile, is this the best module these days for v2.5)? In case a computer does not have Excel (2007) installed. ... 6 Jun 2010 22:45
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