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optparse: best way
Hi, I am using optparser to do following... Command syntax: myscript -o[exension] other_arguments where; extension can be 'exe', 'txt', 'pdf', 'ppt' etc. Now to parse this, I am doing following... parser.add_option("-oexe', dest=exe_file...) parser.add_option("-otxt', dest=txt_file...) parser.add_... 9 Jun 2010 06:25
PyCon Australia 2010 registration deadline reminder
Hi everyone, PyCon Australia 2010, to be held at the Sydney Masonic Center over the weekend of June 26 and 27, is drawing ever closer. REGISTRATION WILL CLOSE JUNE 22! We will NOT be accepting registrations at the door. Register here: We offer two levels of registration for PyCon... 7 Jun 2010 21:03
Which objects are expanded by double-star ** operator?
I have to merge two dictionaries into one, and in a "shallow" way: changing items should be possible by operating either on two parents or on a new dictionary. I am open to suggestions how to do this (values are always numbers, BTW), but I tried to do it by creating a dict-like class that just forwards all call... 8 Jun 2010 16:00
Python + vim + spaces vs tab
Hello, Does anyone knows a way to configure vim so it automatically select to correct expandtab value depending on the current buffer 'way of doing' ? I need to edit different files, some are using spaces, others tabs. Those belong to different projects, and changing all spaces to tabs is not an option for me... 9 Jun 2010 10:50
os.path.normpath question
I'm using this and ran across backslash issues in one of my paths. archpath = os.path.normpath('E:\foo\FTP\HLS\archive') was translating to: E:\lsfprod\law\uch_interfaces\FTP\HLSrchive which caused me to start using the 'raw' declaration before the path string like this: archpath = os.pat... 7 Jun 2010 14:17
Reading file bit by bit
Hi all. I'm working on something where I need to read a (binary) file bit by bit and do something depending on whether the bit is 0 or 1. Any help on doing the actual file reading is appreciated. Thanks in advance ... 8 Jun 2010 05:49
Non Sequitur: Re: Python Forum
On Sun, 06 Jun 2010 21:45:44 -0700, Dennis Lee Bieber wrote: On Mon, 07 Jun 2010 11:29:59 +1000, Ben Finney <ben+python(a)> declaimed the following in gmane.comp.python.general: claim to the word. The existing forums are still forums. I favor "fora" <G> I see your smiley, but ... 9 Jun 2010 05:20
Very handy library for creating and manipulating ODF documents without any dependency on <>. I've been looking at using it for automating the generation of the invoices I send out at the end of each month. So far, it's been a lot easier than trying to figure out PyUNO. :)... 7 Jun 2010 00:56
RE - Parsing ipconfig /all output - question
I'm trying to get the first MAC address from the ipconfig /all output. Unfortunately you can't just search for Physical Address because the name is only valid in the English Windows version. Here a test which isn't working: import subprocess import re p = subprocess.Popen('ipconfig /all', shell = True, stdout... 7 Jun 2010 00:56
Importing modules
Hello Everyone, I'm brand new to Python and have been finding it really easy to get into. But I've run into my very first problem that I'm hoping someone here might be able to help me with. I'm working with the Google Storage API and all of their Python library is under a directory called $HOME/gsutils/boto ... 7 Jun 2010 04:11
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