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Python-list Digest, Vol 81, Issue 63
On Tue, Jun 8, 2010 at 11:57 PM, madhuri vio <madhuri.vio(a)> wrote: import tkinter root = tkinter.Tk() #initialize tkinter and get a top level instance root.title("madhuri is a python") canvas = tkinter.Canvas(root) #creating the canvas under the root canvas.pack() #to call the packer geometry... 9 Jun 2010 03:10
how to get a reference to the "__main__" module
Hi, I want to use one of two functions in a script: def func_one(): pass def func_two(): pass func = getattr(x, 'func_'+number) func() 'x' in getattr() should be a reference to the "__main__" module, right? How to get it? The 'if' clause should work here. I am just curious if we can use the above met... 13 Jun 2010 13:48
updating NumPy in EPD
Hi all, I have a slightly weird question. I would like to install the PyCogent library. However, this requires NumPy 1.3 or higher. I only have NumPy 1.1.1, because I got it as part of the Enthought Python Distribution (4.1) back in 2008. Now, when I download & install a new version of NumPy, it seems ... 8 Jun 2010 23:53
[ANNC] pynguin-0.8 python turtle graphics application
Pynguin is a python-based turtle graphics application. ��� It combines an editor, interactive interpreter, and ��� graphics display area. It is meant to be an easy environment for introducing ��� some programming concepts to beginning programmers. This release continues ... 8 Jun 2010 19:29
Syntax problem - cannot solve it by myself
I am a total beginner with Python. I am reading a book ("The Quick Python Book", 2nd edition, by Vernon Ceder) which tells me that print function takes end="" argument not to print newline character. I tried and here is what happens: print(x) abc print(x,end="") File "<stdin>", line 1 print(x... 9 Jun 2010 10:50
capitalize() NOT the same as var[0].upper _ var[1:]
2010/6/9 Victor Subervi <victorsubervi(a)>: Sorry, Dennis: var = 'colorsShort' var[0].upper + var[1:] = 'ColorsShort' var.capitalize() = 'Colorsshort' """ string.capitalize = capitalize(s) capitalize(s) -> string Return a copy of the string s with only its first character capi... 10 Jun 2010 04:31
introducing Lettuce, BDD tool for python with Django integration
On 6/8/2010 2:26 AM, Gabriel Falcão wrote: There is not much to say, except to explain 'BDD'. the documentation is at, and That does not explain it either, but links to which is the Portuguese version of http://en.wikiped... 14 Jun 2010 01:55
assign class variable in __init__
Hi Everyone, Just a quick question - Is it possible to assign class variables in the __init__() - i.e. somthing like: def __init__(self,self.source = "test", self.length = 1) rather than def __init__(self,source = "test", length = 1): -- Ross Williamson University of Chicago Department of Astronom... 8 Jun 2010 17:11
Question about NNTPLib
I'm new to NNTPLib (and Python) and I'm experiencing some behavior I can't understand. I'm writing a program to analyze newsgroup subject which will then produce statistics on topics discussed. For my example, I'm using this group (comp.lang.python) and trying to simply print out all of the subjects listed in the g... 9 Jun 2010 15:18
"Python failed to load the default activation context" - should I worry?
Loading Python 2.6.5 (built using VC6) in a VC6 application. This appears in my debug log. Am I worried? Should I be? And I am stuck with VC6 (customers, don't ya know). ... 8 Jun 2010 10:16
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