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Are Electric Fields Distrorted By Gravity?
Since gravitation exerts a force on both matter and light, might it not also affect electric and magnetic fields directly? If so, might it not follow that the artificial distortion of an electric or magnetic field should give rise to a gravitational force? Since magnetic and electric fields frequently coexist a... 13 Aug 2010 19:04
Relativistic "Doppler" shift, and why bp hates cap&trade derivatives [*], if they do.
on the wayside, let me anull the notion that Einstein could not have come-up with that proof of pythag., because it is so monumentally elementary, although Hippocrates lunes proof is not presented in the Euclid version, insofar as I know. * thus: so, what is your hypothesis as to the mec... 3 Aug 2010 18:04
Mutual time slow down would mean identical clock slowdowns
But one ages more and that is the one that has not accelerated and felt the weight at the beginning of its motion. Mitch Raemsch ... 4 Aug 2010 16:54
Proposed experiment for detection of motion in Senate for BP's cap&trade in the "bpTM punishment bill."
I remain, yr humble servant ... even though, nevermind! looked up "vis viva," and it is not Coriolis's thing, as I stated.  nor was your linear ideal of Galileo, but apparently from Descartes and Isaac "non fingo" Newton. anyway, the "bending of light," per Bernoulli's brachistoshrone, is really of... 2 Aug 2010 20:16
Relativistic "Doppler" shift
ah, so; light is relatavistic, because its waves "go" through no medium, or redshifts are dopplerian, if the object is going at some fraction of lightspeed -- not velocity -- w.r.t "free space?" I may have muddled this, or you have. That's what distinguishes relativistic Doppler from the Doppler in mediu... 2 Aug 2010 19:10
Spinor condensates are...?
Dear pellis: On Aug 2, 11:50 am, pellis <pel...(a)> wrote: "Spinor condensates" seem to be coming up quite frequently in the literature now. Can someone please tell me precisely what this term refers to. Like: .... you might browse, in case you haven't a... 3 Aug 2010 15:52
Experiment to test mutual time dilation
A and B are in relative motion. 1. A sends a TV picture of his clock to B. 2. B sends a TV picture of his clock to A. 3. A measures the rate of passage of time of his clock and compare it to the rate of passage of time on the TV clock of B and call this ratio as Tvb/Ta. 4. B measures the rate of passage of time o... 13 Aug 2010 15:47
In 1824 Sadi Carnot deduced the (prototype of the) second law of thermodynamics from two axioms; one of them turned out to be false in the end: The false axiom: "Heat is an indestructible substance that cannot be converted into work in the heat engine." There are texts in Carnot's book showing that in 1824 the... 5 Aug 2010 01:36
If 'spacetime is observer independent, than we could put one observer somewhere. This observer is provided with a clock. Now he would find, his clock seem to act differently on other positions. But he could find, that certain locations allow to keep other identical clocks synchronized. The set of these positio... 5 Aug 2010 08:02
A castigation of Napoleon Bonehead Green, Doctor of Phrenology,
I hope Uncle Ben learns a lesson from this: trying to have a discussion with Androcles about physics is like trying to befriend a rabid dog. If you see foam around the mouth, don't give it a pat on the head! -- Daryl McCullough Ithaca, NY ... 1 Aug 2010 23:33
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