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'Relativistic' "Doppler" shift
if you are on a train & you look out of it from the cab, toward the station at night, both the sounds & the light eminating from the station will be blueshifted per the velocity of the train & yourself, wondering about the math of the psychedelic experienced ... me, three, with or without LSD. how can Doppler... 2 Aug 2010 00:38
johnreed to PD on Roemer
I am not picking on you PD but you brought up the subject of "light" via "photons" in response to my post on mass and gravity. I had expected you to cite Roemer at some point but no further response from you occured. So this is where it was left and on the end I have included Roemer: PD This is wrong. We d... 1 Aug 2010 20:18
Is the unit of measure of pressure?
Since a force is a net pressure, and the textbooks say that weight is a force, a gram is a unit of weight and force. Another unit of force is a dyne. The textbook definition of a dyne is “a ‘dyne’ is that force which will produce an acceleration of 1 cm per second per second when acting on a mass of 1 gram". ("M... 11 Aug 2010 04:56
Can Space be created within space?
On Aug 1, 2:02 pm, Sam Wormley <sworml...(a)> wrote: On 7/31/10 11:49 PM, Kali Hawa wrote: Can a bigbang occur within our Universe?    Why not? -------------- idiot space is nothing so how can a nothing be created from another nothing !! you are not a physicist go deal with philosoph... 5 Aug 2010 03:45
Special linear transformations circulate theorem (1)
Theorem (All system is on 2 dimensions.) There are the number of n special linear transformation matrices, Ai=(ai,bi,ci,di) [(11,12,21,22)], det Ai=1 (special), i=1 to n. From any starting point P1, transforming one by one by Ai,i.e, P2=A1*P1,P3=A2*P2,..,Pi+1=Ai*Pi,i=1 to n, comes full closed line and e... 2 Aug 2010 09:14
Sail downwind faster than the wind!
On Jul 30, 12:11 pm, "Cwatters" <colin.wattersNOS...(a)> wrote: "John Doe" <j...(a)usenetlove.invalid> wrote in message news:4c529e1b$0$21228$c3e8da3(a) It is discussed on the website ( recently as this year. I see some p... 7 Aug 2010 15:50
Moving backword
On Aug 1, 9:14 am, Kali Hawa <kalih...(a)> wrote: If somehow every single particle and electromagnetic radiation stops and begins to move backwords at exactly the same speed........... Will the time begin to move backwords? ------------------ NO because the rest of the world (**universe**) doe... 7 Aug 2010 20:11
ANUSHKA HOT PICTURES *********************************** [] ... 1 Aug 2010 06:13
'Relativistic' "Doppler" shift
I'll huff and I'll puff. have you ever proven a theorem in (say) constructive geometry, KW?... iff you haven't, can I call you, Kobblee Yooblee? Ahahahaha... thus: there are two 3d versions of the pythag.thm., each with different dimensional attributes.... iff you don't study Fermat's numbertheorie, you... 1 Aug 2010 00:52
which particle in a spliting atom radiates the difference as energy?
Out of hundreds of particles in Uranium which particle will radiate the difference of atom energy as fission energy in a reacting atomic Uranium pile? How can the difference in energy content of a whole Uranium atom radiate from one of its particles? or one particle in its decay products? Mitch Raemsch ... 31 Jul 2010 19:28
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