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New data suggest a lighter Higgs
On Jul 27, 6:09 am, Sam Wormley <sworml...(a)> wrote: On 7/26/10 3:57 PM, Sam Wormley wrote: New data suggest a lighter Higgs Fermilab results heat up race for an elusive particle By Ron Cowen "Comb... 2 Aug 2010 04:55
A new suggestion, about the new big linear accelerator that is now being designed!!
I have some new suggestions about how to make that linear accelerator (among the other missions ) -- a base for a much more efficient Fusion reactor!! yet it needs a spacial adaptation for that mission and it has to be done right at the beginning of that design . (while that additional adaptation can ... 27 Jul 2010 03:00
A puzzle for the SRians
Einstein's train gedanken is modified as follows: When M and M' are coincide with each other......two lightning strikes hits the ends of the train and the light fronts arrive at M' non- simultaneously. Question for the SRians: does this mean that according to the SR concept of relativity of simultaneity M will see... 1 Aug 2010 12:40
If an infinitely long object can be trapped inside an infinitely short container, and if an Einsteinian travelling with the rivet sees the bug squashed while the bug sees itself alive and kicking, then the Michelson-Morley experiment confirms Einstein's relativity and refutes Newton's emission theory of light: h... 4 Aug 2010 09:14
Brendan Behan (Captains and the Kings); James Joyce (Ulysses)
Given Behan's background, in Borstal at age 15 for IRA activities, The Captains and the Kings, is an astonishingly sensitve, beautiful and gently mocking poem. Estranged from his club and his cricket and his familiar and reassuring surroundings, can their ever have been an Englishman who would not have drawn deep c... 26 Jul 2010 11:38
If gravity and acceleration are equivalent the strength of gravity is limited
If there is an acceleration limit below the speed of light and gravity strength is equivalent to acceleration then a gravity limit defines the force. The acceleration limit is enforced by weight at all times. Gravity is a limited acceleration below the speed of light enforced by weight. Mitch Raemsch ... 28 Jul 2010 18:29
Gravity for quantum zero point fluctuations
This space energy would reach infinite and generate gravity as such around it. Space energy does not exist outside of the matter and light that occupy it. Mitch Raemsch ... 25 Jul 2010 19:28
Energy of whole atom radiates at fusion/fission
But the radiation energy must come out of a single particle not the whole atom. So how does the difference in atom mass end up in one particle of the atom to be radiated? And what particle out of the many would get chosen for the energy difference and how? Mitch Raemsch ... 30 Jul 2010 01:03
Question from johnreed for PD
Or for anyone else that has an answer> jr wrote>> But if I am incorrect there it has nothing to do with my primary focus. Its not the measure of mass in various ways that concerns me. It is the definition of mass that is most important especially because we require no greater accuracy in that definition ... 30 Jul 2010 02:08
Relativist running a race
He would credit the ground for doing the moving even if he won the race! Mitch Raemsch ... 25 Jul 2010 19:28
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