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3.5.2 connecting to nmb alias without password
Heyho, I RTFMed a bit and snip: smb ports = 139 did the trick :) cheers christoph On Fri, 7 May 2010, christoph.beyer(a) wrote: Hi there, I use 3.5.2 with netbios aliases in security mode ADS. When I connect to the primary netbios name from a windows host I get the samba machine ri... 12 May 2010 11:22
[Samba] Samba join to AD error
ads_sasl_spnego_krb5_bind fail : Invalid credentials Failed to join domain : Invalid credentials Best regards ================================ ¸Û¼w¬ì§Þ¦³­­¤½¥q «J´ºÄË Chin 0922-874-882¡F0968608-438 ¥x¥_¥«¤¤¤s°Ï·q·~¤T¸ô176¸¹3¼Ó TEL:02-85025695 #17 Fax:02-85025696 eMail:chin.ho(a) ========================... 12 May 2010 11:22
[Samba] Re-Installing samba on new hard drive
I'm currently running samba as a primary domain controller on Ubuntu 8.04. I am going to do a fresh install of Ubuntu 10.04 onto a new hard drive and install that distribution's samba package. This will replace my current installation. I don't plan on changing the configuration file (smb.conf). The configuration fi... 12 May 2010 10:15
[Samba] new users, new group, can't access share
Hi everyone. I have a Samba 3.4.7 (bpo) on a debian box running as PDC with a LDAP backend. i have added a new group, 2 new users and created a new group share for them, but by some unknown reason they cannon access the share. the client is running windows vista. here's what i did: smbldap-groupadd -a offi... 12 May 2010 10:15
[Samba] RE : RE : RE : RE : RE : RE : Domain not found in Samba 4 AD
Here is the command that I realized: .. / Setup / provision - realm = Server.Samba - domain = Samba - adminpass = password - server-role = 'domain controller' Thank you for your help! ________________________________________ De : Michael Wood [esiotrot(a)] Date d'envoi : mercredi 12 mai 2010 12:14 À ... 12 May 2010 09:08
[Samba] net ads dns register
Hello, I would like to know whether it is possible to select (a) specific IP(s) for a "net ads dns register" call. The reason for my question is that we have setups with several interfaces, a few of which are "internal" interfaces but technically they're ethernet interfaces. Adding all those internal interfaces ... 12 May 2010 08:02
RE : RE : RE : RE : RE : Domain not found in Samba 4 AD
2010/5/12 Viatte Frédéric <Frederic.Viatte(a)>: The name of my machine is "Server.Samba", why put "Server.server.Samba? When I do a "ping-a" from my Windows machine, I get: Response Client.server.Samba, as if my domain was called "Server.Samba. Your windows machine is trying to query for "serveu... 12 May 2010 06:57
[Samba] pdbedit: unable to delete machine
Hi, i am unable to delete a machine account: pdbedit -x -m myMachine$ unable to delete machine myMachine$ there is still an account in /etc/passwd for this machine. pdbedit -L | grep myMachine does not find the account but pdbedit -Lv myMachine$ Unix username: myMachine$ NT username: Account... 12 May 2010 05:53
[Samba] extra readdir operation when writing to a non-existent file
hi samba fellows, It is my first time to ask questions in samba mail list. Very sorry if my question is very naive. The problem is when I write to a non-existent file from windows to a linux export, there will be an extra readdir operation triggered. If I write to an existent file, no readdir operation will b... 12 May 2010 04:49
[Samba] Samba 3.5.2 packages for Debian lenny (some issues left)
> So, as a service to our users, I prepared some packages which are now available from, also known as "the not so official but still quite actively supported backport service of the samba packaging team of the Debian project" (which makes a fairly long name...). The... 12 May 2010 04:49
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