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Installation problem
I'm not an expert in samba, I just joined the mailing list, but if I recall about ubuntu correctly, the package manage will report some errors if files fail to install correctly, for example /etc/samba/smb.conf. You might have better luck asking asking on ubuntu forums, since it sounds like a failure of aptitude, w... 5 Jun 2010 18:00
[Samba] Installation problem
Hey guys, i installed samba on my Ubuntu 10.04 machine (sudo apt-get install samba) and it didnt create any config files. There is no /etc/samba or /usr/local/samba. I dont realy know what to do.... The samba server fails to start and i cant connect to the machine over my network. Anyone know what i should do? I t... 4 Jun 2010 15:52
[Samba] Folders Not Displayed Correctly on XP Clients
When browsing through our samba shares, some of the folders within the shares will show up as unassociated files in Windows Explorer. This prevents the folders from being opened. A way to fix this has been to click on 'Refresh' in the Windows Explorer context menu when right-clicking on a white space. Then the fold... 4 Jun 2010 13:39
Problems with SID
Can anyone help me with this, I am badly stuck on this? //Ger -- Gerard Hooton. Department of Microelectronic Engineering U.C.C. Butler Building, Enterprise Centre, North Mall. Cork. Tel: +353 21 4904576 Fax: +353 21 4904573 -----Original Message----- From: Gerard Hooton ... 4 Jun 2010 13:39
samba 3.5.3: loads of errors copying some simple ACLs with robocopy
I've run the same test again with loglevel 10 (shudder), and sifted through the logfile. below is a part of it. To me it seems that samba, and the vfs_acl_xattr module mangles the ACL and in the end acl_valid() finds the acl is invalid. In the logfile I see 2 entries ACL_USER_OBJ for uid netzadmin, and one more... 4 Jun 2010 11:26
When im login the error: "A device attached to the sy stem is not functioning"
It looks to me like you have "ldap user suffix" and "ldap machine suffix" defined twice. testparm should tell you which of these definitions samba is using. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tony Hoover, Network Administrator KSU - Salina, College of Technology and A... 4 Jun 2010 11:26
[Samba] Unusually long time to retrieve directory listing when it contains many files
I am trying to replace a windows file server with a linux samba server to serve files on our local network only. There are a few important folders, which many users will be accessing many times a day, that include thousands of files. The biggest directory contains 15,000 files. (I'm trying to re-organize the workfl... 4 Jun 2010 10:19
Other users home share contains contents of my home share
On 06/03/2010 4:33 PM, Matt Everson wrote: I have 3.2.7 as part of an Openfiler install. I have a homes share setup, but when I view any other users home share (\\server\otherusername) I see the contents of my own home share. I have the server joined to AD with winbind, and I am in a group that is listed as... 4 Jun 2010 10:19
[Samba] When im login the error: "A device attached to the system is not functioning"
Hey everyone, I've got a Samba server running with an Open LDAP backend, I could login with the Administrator's account in window xp cleints When im login the error: "A device attached to the system is not functioning" # --------- smb.conf start --------- [global] workgroup = ----- netbios name = --... 4 Jun 2010 09:12
[Samba] Problems with SID
Hello All, Problem ========== /var/log/samba/log.smbd has the following smbd version 3.2.5 started. Copyright Andrew Tridgell and the Samba Team 1992-2008 [2010/06/04 12:22:41, 1] passdb/pdb_interface.c:pdb_default_uid_to_rid(1228) Could not peek rid out of sid S-1-5-21-1025115222-3498510805-249837127... 4 Jun 2010 09:12
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