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But so far nobody has proved that viruses are a serious problem in

Viruses are rare (unless you are in the "all worms are viruses" camp).
*Malware* is a serious problem in Windows.

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>> We don't buy it. Name the last virus you cleaned up.
> 'We' don't buy it, who the feck do you think you are trollboy?
> Why do you think people have to answer to you?
> but if you insist:


None of those were viruses.

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> Seriously, has anybody seen--or even heard--of a serious virus
> (including rootkit or malware) problem in Windows when using
> commercial antivirus protection?
> One of the claims of the Linux crowd is that such problems are
> legion. But talking so some of the people at alt.comp.anti-virus I
> get the impression such problems are rare.
> Who is more right?
> BTW, check out this PDF on AV software:
> It compares 16 commercial programs, and finds Microsoft at #2,
> catching 60% of all viruses (Avanti is #1 at 70%). And we're taking
> about all viruses, some of which as so obscure I'm sure you'll never
> seen one in the wild...

Yes, while using XP. I clicked on a site from a cigar NG that sold torch
lighters. Got shot to some chinese site and my "free" CA AV program lit up
like a xmas tree. It warned me of the infection and supposedly deleted it.
But it wasn't gone. It eventually took over the whole machine and ended up
doing a reformat to regain control. Needless to say that was the end of my
using CA products...whatever the price.

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People I meet have many times asked me if they should shut their Windows
computers off at night, and I always say, "Yes, keep your PC off unless
you are using it."

I figure if it's off, an infected computer can do less damage.

Somebody out there keeps advising people that it's "better for the
computer" to leave it on all the time. If you are one of the people
that is doing that, stop doing that. A computer is not a refrigerator:
the data won't go bad if the power is off.

Please, guys and gals, urge your friends and customers to turn the
computers off when they are not using them... unless there is a
compelling reason to do otherwise.

I don't think it's too extreme to ask people to remain unconnected from
the net unless they are actively sending/receiving. A person doesn't
have to be connected to compose an email, only to send it.

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Anybody else? So far nobody has proved a serious true virus infection
has occurred on a Windows machine.

Well, I guess you're going to have to tell us what your definition of a
"true virus" is. I suspect that you're after the reason AV would still
be needed even if everyone followed safe practices otherwise. There
haven't been that many viruses running in trusted channels lately,
mostly because the money is in other types of malware that partake of
the low hanging fruit.

If a USB Battery charger's companion software can be a trojan, certainly
it is not out of the realm of possibility that a vendor could pass a
virus *unintentionally* in their otherwise legitimate software. That is
one consequence of infectious self-replication - it is an automatic
trojan creator. I would say that it is *more* likely to find a "virus"
in a legitimately obtained program file than it would be to find a
trojan function (in fact, I can't recall another case where the malware
was intentionally included, usually it was a virus).