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On Apr 10, 5:39 am, Xavier Noria <f...(a)> wrote:
> Please, if you have a concrete, specific question about Ruby, by all
> means post it.
> Vague talk about unknown things just does not make any sense. Not
> questioning the openness of the software, that is your choice, just
> saying there's nothing concrete to discuss and thus I believe this
> thread should stop.

Thunk has been programming in Ruby for 3 years. The Pick Ax book and
an occasional guru talk with a certain "Amazing Ramazian" has answered
all his questions so far. Really, and so there is this concentrated
set now of 8 modules of condensed Ruby Goodness THAT HAS GENERAL
UTILITY. 'AMAZING" general utility in the view of a man that has
programmed for over 30 years and has never failed to finish a project
he starts. and a man that Loves Ruby.

He's sees this GENERAL UTILITY as few beginner programmers may be able
to because he "has been there, and done a lot of THAT". dON'T get him
started but there are folks that were SHOT in Mexico, there are
partners that cheated, there are is some history of PHDs from Hong
Kong that then worked for MS, there is a junior programmer that is now
in charge of IT for Mitutoyo. There are Who's Who professors....
yup, and software that collected QUALITY data all over the world, no
kidding, programming was not invented in 2000 or something kids.

IT WORKS, if I was asking questions I would be faking, and i would
not do that.

I'm frustrated that some folks still want to believe that i'm an
idiot, and that there is even a guy that has taken time to drag up
really strange things from a Snow Shoe trip, and ready to ignore all
the rest - how strange is that.


has been putting his "stuff" out at

and it is really general and all but it is where he is living, and
where it goes or what it becomes is up to you folks. as is, it looks
like that might be the end of it. And you guys can all play
RubyWarrior and wink yourselves off.
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PS Ol' thunk thinks he sees a "OUTLIER" situation here, folks are
connecting the WRONG dots....

and he will tell anybody that he thinks RUBY has let him do things he
really did not even expect to be able to do.

RUBY has opened barriers of old....

RUBY is the reason Thunk thought this might be an appropriate place to
talk about all this.


not to insult folks but here:

and seems fair to include this, as there is no SPAM as the
author can understand it anywhere. NOTHING! but chats about this
whole thing.
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OK, this seems to be generated text.

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On Fri, Apr 9, 2010 at 9:15 AM, thunk <gmkoller(a)> wrote:
> Charles,
> 100% of the code is on the table to be available to a trusted party.
> no fees (maybe expenses) IF the right party!  but with ND.
BOLLOCKS! I gave you a non disclosure signed. We even talked about it
on the phone.
I won't do a in person meet up just for a code drop because that's INSANE!
I gave you a signed ND so don't pull that line on us.

The only thing we have here is a textbook case for how badly broken
health care is in the USA.
This list is for ruby programming.  Your a smart guy so I don't get
why this is so hard to understand.

I am very rarely this annoyed, but the truth had to be told. I
apologize if my language offended anyone.

Andrew McElroy

> there are real reasons why this should be so.   The author sees a
> legitimate
> reason for some central control or chaos would reign.
> another reason is that the author is not interested in working at a
> "Ruid Central GitHub"
> and there are more reasons!

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On 2010-04-10, andrew mcelroy <sophrinix(a)> wrote:
>> there are real reasons why this should be so. � The author sees a
>> legitimate
>> reason for some central control or chaos would reign.

Okay, yeah, this guy is mentally unwell.

Thunk, if you were for real, you would know that you would have complete
control over YOUR BRANCH. Which is all that matters. It doesn't matter
if other people want to fork or not; what matters is that you demonstrate,
or explain, anything. But you can't, because you don't have anything.
Nothing exists. There's just a bunch of fleeting thoughts which capture
your attention so strongly that you have to talk about them, but they've
never turned into anything which has a real, functional, form.

Please see a mental health professional.

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