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> This said I completely understand your frustration about not being
> understood ore honored at your true value. As a matter of fact few of
> us are and communication problems play a major role in this.


Some people have asked "What does it do?", and my internal reaction to
this is "what does Ruby do?" because I cannot answer the 2nd question
without saying it is a "Computer Language something like Smalltalk" or

This "Ru'id Framework" so to say is NOT a language, and not really a
FrameWork anything like Wee, Ramaze Web are frameworks.

I had my head "stuck" into the code, and I was not thinking everyday
"what does this do", I was thinking much more only "how to I get this
all to come together so it does what I need it to do?".
Encapsulating "pieces of expertise" is a longer range goal, not an
immediate goal.

Today, after your posting, I started thinking "Concept" - what's the
overall concept and I have started writing something more on that up
at that sandbox of mine THANK YOU 'TREVOKE' Whoever you are!!
Because these threads are not really good for such things.

But just thinking about this for a few minutes I believe it only first
came to me that a "Complexity" bullet is/was dodged by using all kinds
of Dynamic OO - that otherwise would have been a super MESS.

As things are now: These "Ru'ids" can just keep being appended to a
"kicked off system" with ZERO changes to the system - theoretically.
However New Classes and New methods into existing classes can expand
the capability at anytime. These two "modules" are the only place
non-system work would be done in a "Ru'id farm" which is a
knowledge_base but because of the distributed nature of the Ru'ids can
come from anybody, any... blablabla - I've said all this before.
The Web does this for us. So - this is about "leveraging the Web" -
another thing I'll have to think about - but it is true - its a way
for a Doctor in Israel to record the result of an Event, and for that
piece of information to get wrapped into a bundle of text, shot around
the USA, and pop up in Boston just in time to save a life (or make a
move in a checkers game?)....

I'll keep spending time in my "sandbox" and explaining this better as
I strain to think about this all. Thanks for making me think on
this. Remember I was very involved with software that did this stuff
inside corporations in the 1990s BUT IT WAS NOT 'WEB" - it was "my"
stuff. However, although I could be surprised, it sure seems like the
Web can transfer a silly little Text File - and that is, from the
outside, all these things are! A certain Michael F had this all set
up at horrific speeds using some library from FaceBook that I can't
think of (BeanStalk?). The performance seemed unbelievable.

From: Rimantas Liubertas on
> This "Ru'id Framework" so to say is NOT a language, and not really a
> FrameWork  anything like Wee, Ramaze  Web are frameworks.

It's not a language. It is not a framework. It's not even an idea.
It's just a device you use to spam the list. There is no code,
there will never be any code. Just more text which makes no sense.
I don't know, maybe you did produce FIVE systems "inside coroporations"
but looks like those days are long over. All you are producing is noise.