From: French Quarter on
Thank you Rich Barry.

I tried the recovery partition.

Code Purple System Configuration Error

Your System has detected a Configuration Error. Please report this error to
Customer Care using the phone number found in the Warranty Guide, etc.

(Code Purple)

From: French Quarter on
Thank you Elmo Joe, Im installing all those programs on a Bootable CD and

From: French Quarter on
David B, I selected the reformat and reload but to no avail cause HP needs
to make TATTOO $Money

From: French Quarter on
Ken Blake, I brought it over to my neighbor who is a hard ware expert.
After the blue screen of death he read the error message and said it was a
virus. But I did not think to write the name down.

I used the HP restore options with destructive recovery but do not know how
the TATTOO was lost from the MOBO.

Hopefully GOOGLE will find a TATOO program

From: VanguardLH on
French Quarter wrote:

> My neighbor's HP Media Center m7257c Desktop PC has a VIRUS.

And how do you know that?