From: Leonard Grey on
Would that be BSOD v.1?
Leonard Grey
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David B. wrote:
> No I don't, been dealing with them since their initial release.
From: Daave on
French Quarter wrote:
> HP Tech Support said the only way to fix a (Code Purple) was to send
> the PC back to HP and let them TATTOO the MOMO
> Thank you for your time


They are wrong. Have a look at that thread. There is a workaround.

From: French Quarter on
Hey VanGuard,

XP booted up then crashed to the Blue Screen. XP never would boot to Safe
Mode. Thanks for your help

From: French Quarter on
Hey Elmo Joe,

The HP has a SATA HD. It was connected to an external SATA cable from my
main PC, copied what needed to be save, edited some files at the Recovery
Console , now its working. Thanks for your tips.

From: French Quarter on
Hey Dave,
Your thread had the solution, Thanks for all your help. I sent the New
Orleans Cajun Gumbo by FedEX