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Something seems wrong with this post .............
But I can't put my finger right on it. Help needed! Dave Subject: font source From: "WhoDat" <gmcne(a)> Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2010 15:55:46 -0500 Message-ID: <1277326564_274504(a)> Bytes: 27702 Lines: 377 NNTP-Posting-Host: Organization: retired Path: pegasus.annex.n... 30 Jun 2010 11:58
TT Livescan Update Info - 6-24-2010
Recently moved, so I haven't had time to get the new features available for public release yet, but here's a glimpse of what's to come shortly. When the new module performs a memory scan, it will typically take less tha... 24 Jun 2010 19:41
DNS cache poisoning
I've read the item here where it states "A user whose computer has referenced the poisoned DNS server would be tricked into accepting content coming from a non-authentic server and unknowingly download malicious content." I had thought that DNS poisoning relate... 28 Jun 2010 22:44
Trojan Horse HilotiAU
Crossposted to the alt.comp.virus -- Peter Please Reply to Newsgroup for the benefit of others Requests for assistance by email can not and will not be acknowledged. "Roger & Kath" <roger-kath(a)> wrote in message news:hvo82v$9tt$1(a) Hi gu... 21 Jun 2010 22:29
Sorry, Folks - TWO Misattributions In Hundreds Of Posts....
If someone is 100% a rotten swine, a single percentage point or two taken away from that 100% hardly matters. You might say that Raid/Dustin Cook is 98.99% a swine. Hardly makes a difference does it? ... 20 Jun 2010 13:26
Dustbin Still Changing Links, Supplying Phony Links, Lying AsUsual
On Sat, 19 Jun 2010 16:20:20 -0400, Peter Foldes <maci252211(a)> wrote: Hooplehead Alert #11 Thou shalt not feed thine trolls, neither shall thou removest them from thine killfile. -- Virus Removal Instructions Max's Favorite Freeware ... 19 Jun 2010 23:14
The Ultimate Arrogance & Meaness Of A Virus Writer/Passer PART 1
Dave U. Random <anonymous(a)> wrote in news:ad979edd571d1caf8afbca23f7b07791(a) Nowhere is the temperment of this sociopath shown more clearly than here. He is utterly without conscience or empathy. Below, since his Web page of viruses for download is temporaril... 19 Jun 2010 17:49
It appears that 'someone' is *very* bothered! :) -- Dave - the *real* BoaterDave ... 16 Jun 2010 06:39
BIOS infection - an item for discussion
But, a wouldnt been said about the BIOS if you modification. But, a working purposes (that we wouldnt been said able to find about the years, apart of the years, which just zeroed the of the years, which just zeroed this to find about thernobyl virus, apart of data, btw) like Pinczakko's with modding public impleme... 23 Jun 2010 17:17
BIOS infection - an item for discussion
Over the years, a lot has been said about this topic. But, apart of the old Chernobyl virus, which just zeroed the BIOS if you motherboard was one of the supported, or some modifications with modding purposes (that were a very valuable source of data, btw) like Pinczakko's work, we wouldnt be able to find any publi... 15 Jun 2010 03:14
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