From: Kevin L. Moore on
11C, 48GX and I'm really considering a 50g

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From: Lone Wolfy on
Here's my list...


All are in perfect condition and run great. Also, I'm waiting for my
new HP-50G to be shipped.

Finally, I have a Treo 700P cellphone/PDA that runs both the HP-41CX
and HP-49G emulators. The HP-49G emulator ("Power48") is actually much
faster than the real thing since the ARM processor in the Treo runs at
312 MHz. :)

- LW

From: Revolvr on
I have 2 HP's I bought hew, used professionally and still use:


Then I found an HP-35 at a garage sale for one dollar. Works great but needs
a new battery pack.

After he retired, my dad gave me his HP-71B which is good as new but I've
never used it.

I did have a TI-58 in high school, but it no longer works. My 11C and 42S
still work as good as the day they were bought. Robust design and RPN is why
I'll probably never buy another calculator other than HP.

-- Rev

"Veli-Pekka Nousiainen" <DROP_vpn(a)> wrote in message
> Veli-Pekka has:
> HP-75C
> HP-71B * 2
> HP 50G
> HP 49g+
> HP 49G * 2 (one is overclocked to 5MHz)
> HP 48GII
> HP-48GX
> HP-48SX
> HP-28S * 2
> HP-41CX * 3 (all somewhat broken)
> HP-42S
> HP 33S
> HP-32S
> HP-18C
> HP 17BII+
> HP-16C
> Perhaps a few others, no Xpander :-(
> I could sell any of those to raise money because I'm between jobs
> Later I will regret (like selling my HP-15C)
> but that's another story
> I'm definately not a "standard" nerd...I just like gadgets

From: GaaK on
On Feb 15, 9:49 pm, Eric Smith <e...(a)> wrote:
> million Handhelds: .......


Here's my big list:

HP-32S my first HP - '99
Sharp EL-9600, my first graphing calculator '00, with pen-touch :-)
HP-49G my loved calculator ;-) '02 <>
HP-360LX handheld running to 65MHz '06, but without pen and cable :-(

My Dreams:

HP-Xpander (someday?)
TI-Nspire (oops!)
HP-50G (75MHz!!!)
Casio Classpad 300 (for your screen and pen-touch, but...)

- GaaK -