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Windows6.1-KB958488-v6001-x86.msu fails to install
Hello all! I am trying to install "Windows6.1-KB958488-v6001-x86.msu" update which is required by .NET Framework 4.0, and the installation just fails saying: "The following updates were not installed: Update for Windows (KB958488)" Any one knows what this update is for? And how to see the log why it fails? ... 3 Jun 2010 19:03
Error code 646
I get this error code 646 as I see everyone else does. I have searched these posts and find no helpful answer. Actually, I find NO answer. I get 15 critical updates and only 1 will install. Tried turning off firewall. NOT SO????? ... 10 Jun 2010 08:54
Can't complete downloading updates
I am unable to finish downloading my most recent updates. The file that it can't complete is: Security Update for Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 (KB928365) It reads: A security issue has been identified that could allow an attacker to comprimise your Windows-based system running the Microsoft .NET Fra... 1 Jun 2010 21:55
Error number: 0x8007000B
"Bhikkhu Samahita" wrote: When attempting updating Windows XP prof. SP2 I get: "The website has encountered a problem and cannot display the page you are trying to view." Error number: 0x8007000B Tried many things without success. Any who have a clue to a solution ? many th... 10 Jun 2010 12:17
Virus blocking windows update??
Dear Dave, It seems a virus is kicking my but. The only problem I can't fix w/o a reinstall is that the page gives a diagnose connection page. My host file is blank, no virus currently running. avg9 up to date, spybot search & destroy up to date. service pack 3 up to date as of... 31 May 2010 14:11
Continuous "Restarting your computer is required" message
I'm having the same issue. I have Window's Vista and bought the computer from Dell. I do not know what this is happening and through the thread of emails, I don't think there was a solution... or was there? "geo" wrote: At every startup a Windows message appears saying "Restarting your computer is requi... 30 May 2010 23:01
- Keep getting this!
hey i tried to do the first step to stop.... and was met by system error 5 has occured.. this is a freshly installed copy of windows vista home premium. so i ignored it and tried the next step and every time it askes for administative premmision i give it and it then askes me to try again. so useing the securi... 30 May 2010 18:42
Error Code 0x80070001
I had a virus on my computer (Windows XP). I performed a Full System Recovery. I reloaded MS Office 2003. I had NOrton AV already installed. I have been trying to reinstall NAV, but it tells me that I need to download WinXP SP2. I have WinXP SP1 (yes my computer is old) I tried downloading SP2, but I keep... 31 May 2010 14:11
Error while trying to download Windows SP2
What does error code 0x87FF0004 mean? It also told me that printuit (?) could not be copied ... 30 May 2010 20:53
Missing files
Some of the files that are downloaded are downloaded from a computer that has compressed these files before being sent over the internet! I have setup my explorer to see these files and then change them in the properties menu to be able to use them. I HOPE you will use this information for the greater good! Ha... 30 May 2010 18:42
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