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ERROR code 0x8DDD0004
Windows Up Date does not work. We have tried re registering. ie from run command regsur32/s wucltui.dll and sending to Microsoft Tech support. ... 28 Mar 2005 10:13
0x80240036 The operation is invalid for the object's current state
Has anyone seen this error? I receive it after the Review License agreement screen during initial installation. ... 28 Mar 2005 12:18
TRAP 0000006
Hello, had some problems where i could not fix in WIn XP PROF. So i Decide run a update. My XP CD ask me to run a upgrade what would be the same version as already run. But i did it. My mistake was some files during the copy process could not be copied (error to read ..) so I ignore this and continued (ok i k... 22 Mar 2005 12:00
SP2 upgrade
I have XP home SP1. I downloaded the files months ago to install SP2. Upon installation, I selected the "cancel" option. SP2 does not show in Add/Remove programs. It also does not show as an option in WindowsUpdate. I had updated some Service Packs that have (SP2) in the filename, apparently WindowsUpdate thou... 18 Mar 2005 22:25
Can't install updates
I'm using winXP Pro SP1. All works well until windowsupdate try to download updates. It detects all updates I need but after ? When i Look in windowsupdate.log I see this 2005-03-16 12:55:39+0100 1468 eb8 Download job for update A0310B88-F42A-4FE2-9703-0FE36DD2B895, revision 100 hit a transient error 80072f78... 24 Mar 2005 17:06
ERROR 80131700
I tried to install SP3 for XP and it fails repeatedly . All I get for a reason is error 80131700 . Any idea what I have to do to complete the install ... 18 Mar 2005 23:57
gettin that error code when ever windows update starts up ... 4 Mar 2005 20:47
Can't install .NET Service Pack 1 (KB886903). Error code E0434F4D and 0x80070643
I am having problems installing the .NET Framework, Version 1.1 Service Pack 1 (KB886903) which was issued a few weeks ago. Can anyone please advise me. I am getting error code E0434F4D and 0x80070643. Below are my log and message details Which I have listed in the following order: (1) The two message... 9 Apr 2005 06:14
Can't install update for1.1 sp1 -failed what's up
Everytime I try to download MS.Net Framework1.1 SP1 Failed to install, help= amelia(a) I want to get this installed thanks -- blueandbluetrk ... 20 Mar 2005 08:50
Outlook Express
I am unable to receive my emails into Outlook Express from my blueyonder webmail account. I have checked my firewall settings & contacted my ISP to no avail. I tried via Microsoft Outlook but that won't work either. It says it is receiving mail, but no emails arrive. I have deleted large emails in my webmail. I... 28 Feb 2005 19:54
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