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[PHP-WIN] A way available to test PHP CGI builds.
Hi All, I would like to announce that with the commit, we can have a way to test PHP-CGI.exe on Windows. More details around this can be found at 2 Feb 2010 17:46
What about php 5.3 and printers or PHP_PRINTER.DLL ?
Hi to all of you dear friends. Is still possible to print from php scripts directly to server's attached printers? (here it is php for windows, so this question is intended as to print on a windows server WAMP) Thank you for any update. A related curiosity is about PHP_PRINTER.DLL. Has that dll been aband... 24 Feb 2010 05:21
exception throw from __autoload could not be catchedon php 5.3.1
Yes, I am also able to reproduce this in the browser using both 5.3.1 as well as 5.3.0 on Windows using IIS. Seems like a bug. You may like to file the bug at Thanks, Don. -----Original Message----- From: Eric Lee [mailto:pgeric(a)] Sent: Thursday, January 28, 2010 9:09 PM T... 2 Feb 2010 17:46
exception throw from __autoload could not be catched on php 5.3.1
Hi php-dev pros, I got an issue about catching exception throw from __autoload on php 5.3.1. The manual state that exception throw from __autoload could be catched with try.. catch statement same as the normal flow. But I'can archive that even I have copied the same sample code from the manual. Here are t... 2 Feb 2010 17:46
64-bit PHP binaries
Hello, it looks like 64-bit PHP binaries are not yet available. Am I right? Will they be provided? -- Juraj ... 16 Feb 2010 07:32
Server side redirection - yet again
I know this most likely isn't possible, and am currently using javascript, along with using PHP script in each page to just double check a session login before displaying page content to make sure the user/person browsing the specific page is in fact logged in, etc., but I now have a word document that would be... 27 Jan 2010 10:23
nmake snap message: WARNING: distro depends on(msvcr90d.dll && libpq.dll), but could not find it on your system
Hi, The folder where the missing two DLL (msvcr90d.dll and libpq.dll) is present should be there as part of INCLUDE path so that VC compiler should be able to pick it up. Probably one way of doing this is to pass this folder path as an option to nmake by using parameter --with-extra-includes while running the config... 20 Jan 2010 14:04
nmake snap message: WARNING: distro depends on (msvcr90d.dll && libpq.dll), but could not find it on your system
Hi, So I finally got it to build and run on windows. I am tweaking with the configure options to my likings, but I've made some good progress. So one thing I noticed after I added postgres support was the following output of "nmake snap" WARNING: distro depends on msvcr90d.dll, but could not find it on your ... 20 Jan 2010 14:04
PHP has encountered an Access Violation at 02892BEB
Hi, i have this error on a win 2003 server with iis6 and php 5.2.5 version with ISAPI filter. I have read that this version is not good and ISAPI is instable so i have decided to upgrade to php 5.3.1 with fastCgi. How i can remove all reference to older php version on webserver ? I try to install new php and ... 21 Jan 2010 10:04
nmake clean bug
Hi, I wanted to report this on a seperate thread to avoid confusion. I am attempting to build PHP on windows and failing. I am attempting to run nmake clean and failing. Output from the first time: C:\src\php-5.3.1>nmake clean Microsoft (R) Program Maintenance Utility Version 9.00.30729.01 Copyright (C) Mi... 13 Jan 2010 05:27
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