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File creation problem (HTTP wrapper does not support writeable connections.)
i have to create a xml file with some content in it in my site at one folder, when i try to create file with fopen command then it says that "HTTP wrapper does not support writeable connections. ", bcs i gave there absolute path of file , then i tried with relative path then it message me " failed to open stream ... 22 Aug 2007 03:03
FW: Unable to load dynamic library "C:\PHP\ext\php_mysql.dll" and Unable to load dynamic library "C:\PHP\ext\php_mysqli.dll" Here's the guide... -----Original Message----- From: Stut [mailto:stuttle(a)] Sent: Thursday, July 12, 2007 8:30 AM To: Oman, Gregg Cc: php-windows(a) Subject: [PHP-WIN] Re: FW: Unable to load dynamic library "C:\PHP\ext\php_mysql.dll" and Unable to load... 12 Jul 2007 10:28
Printing via webapp
Im having a few odd issues with printing and im hoping someone can help me. I can manually print to my barcode printer just fine (FILE<PRINT in a web browser). However if I try and print using PHP printer_write it doesn't print. Yes I have the php_printer.dll installed. My code: <? function getPrin... 31 May 2007 14:14
MySQL Dump
Hi! Trying to figure out mysqldump. How would i type to making a backup of a database with specific username and password with mysqldump? I've tryed making a backup-schema through MySQL Administrator but there it says... Wrong password. I've changed the password type to Obscure but it doesn't seem to matter. ... 14 May 2007 08:16
Gantt-charts in PHP?
Hi all! I've been looking around for any PHP-based component (object) that supports gantt-charts. (like MS-project look-a-like but on the web) Is there anything like that out there? (I have found some projects on sourceforge, but without screenshots or contactinfo... ): I'm using PHP5 Best regards /Gustav Wib... 10 Apr 2007 02:07
Fatal Error: Allocated memory size problem...
Hi All, I am having some problems while uploading a file to a MySQL database relating to file sizes. I have created a script which successfully uploads most files to the database, however anything roughly over 1MB in size seems to return a PHP error. I am not trying to upload anything larger than 15MB. T... 6 Mar 2007 03:01
Installing PHP 5.2 gives PHP warning.
Ok afther a bit of fideling. It runs a bit longer. I now can start the Apache 2.2 service on the windows machine and I can run a very light PHP script. Afther it has run the Apache server still crashes ------- Error Log Apache 2.2------- [Mon Jan 15 22:11:00 2007] [notice] Parent: child process exited with st... 19 Jan 2007 17:53
[PHP-Win] Installing PHP 5.2 gives PHP warning.
Hello, I installed PHP 5.2 on a clean Windows XP sp2 machine with Apache 2.2. Now the problem is Php gives a lot of errors and then crashes: All the errors start with "PHP Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library" It seems php cant find any of the modules set in the extension directory. Firs... 15 Jan 2007 16:25
The mssql extension comes in two different versions on Win32 systems. php_mssql.dll and php_pdo_mssql.dll are compiled and linked with ntwdblib from Microsoft php_dblib.dll and php_pdo_dblib.dll are compiled and linked with FreeTDS. The FreeTDS versions uses a more recent version of the protocol and allows h... 10 Oct 2006 19:25
Any one have any idea how to get the above mentioned dll loaded using PHP as CGI with IIS? Fatal error: Class 'PDO' not found in C:\webdev\www\WLIM\test.php on line 8 PHP Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library 'c:\PHP\ext\php_pdo_mssql.dll' - The specified module could not be found. in Unknow... 19 Jun 2006 10:02
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