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>>> Hi
>>> I need a copy or download link for WinXP SP2 for a single machine 32 bit
>>> version. I'm just updating my wife's Win XP home edition SP1 laptop.
>>> but Microsoft update site just links to SP3 or SP2 for multiple
>>> machines? I believe i can order a free hard copy online from microsoft,
>>> but I'd rather just DL one. I did try a link from another site which let
>>> me DL it but I noticed the KB number applied to the multiple machine
>>> SP2.
>> Windows XP Service Pack 2 Network Installation Package for IT
>> Professionals and Developers
>> John
> Brief Description
> This installation package is intended for IT professionals and developers
> downloading and installing on multiple computers on a network. If you're
> updating just one computer, please visit Windows Update
> this is for multiple machines though!

It's the same thing, just the full package. That is the one I use; it's
rare that I will use Windows Update for a full SP install.

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