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Ada.Directories and network shares
It seems that Ada.Directories is broken. Neither under Fedora or Debian the following can walk a network share (cifs). The following does not work with mounted shares: with Ada.Directories; use Ada.Directories; with Ada.Text_IO; procedure Test_Directory_Walk is procedure Walk (Name : String; Pattern : St... 17 Jul 2010 07:39
S'Is_nan or S'Is_inf?
Is there any is not-a-number or is-infinity test support in Ada05+ (for floats)? Is there any being planned? Just shooting from the hip, it would seem to be a standard thing that should be included these days. Obviously you'd also need Booleans to tell you if they are supported or not, on your given plat... 20 Jul 2010 12:26
Simple hack to get $500 to your home.
Simple hack to get $500 to your home at Due to high security risks,i have hidden the cheque link in an image. in that website on top side above search box, click on image and enter your name and address where you want to receive your cheque. please don,t tell to anyone. ... 14 Jul 2010 04:25
Why so hard to come up with a simple embedded Ada system?
I'll just come out and say it - for a language that was designed for as much for embedded applications as for anything, it seems to be maddeningly difficult to actually get Ada on a modest embedded platform. By modest I mean low-end 32 bits, no MMU. ARM7 or Cortex Mx would be my first choice. I can be up and run... 19 Jul 2010 19:03
Nominations for 2010 SIGAda awards
Dear Members of the Ada Community: On Thursday, 28 October 2010, the 2010 SIGAda Awards will be presented in a special morning plenary session at the SIGAda 2010 conference in Fairfax, Virginia. (See if you have somehow missed announcements of this year's annual SIGAda int... 13 Jul 2010 11:59
Random number generation
I want to generate a random integer and a random floating point number between 10 and 30 . I've been looking at previous posts and finding it a little confusing with many packages, has anyone an already done example in ada 2005 they can post up? ... 15 Jul 2010 15:23
RootCause; AdaNav; ThreadSpotter; and similar tools
I am soliciting prices and feedback (recommendations and criticisms) for tools such as RootCause; AdaNav; and ThreadSpotter. Vendors are of course welcome to respond without being called spammers. I need prices urgently before the available budget expires. Responses to Usenet are of course welcome, but I do ... 12 Jul 2010 15:08
WAS get a long integer value from a select
> Are you talking about interfacing to a database? If so, what is your context? sorry, i'm using APQ. i connect to a db, make a select and i would to get the big-integer value from a field. -- Spolvera la mia email per rispondermi "Storia del Mondo. I vulcani eruttarono. Gli oceani ribollirono. L'uni... 12 Jul 2010 12:54
gnatbench 2.4 : small question
Hello I've been playing around with gnatbench 2.4.0, which were released last month with GNAT GPL 2010. I lost one - important - feature compare to gnatbench 2.3.0 : When I edit source file, Content Assist does not show me procedure / function protoype + associated comment (as a tooltip). I have been checkin... 12 Jul 2010 11:47
How many hardware threads?
As we all know there is currently a lot of "buzz" about parallel programming and about the "crisis in software development" that is associated with it. People using languages with weak support for concurrency are now wondering how they will use multi-core systems effectively and reliably. Of course Ada already has ... 12 Jul 2010 21:49
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