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hugi compo #29
Hi everyone, We have started a new competition at The task is to create a random solution text based maze similar to: +--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+ | | | | | | | | +--+ +--+--+--+--+--+--+ + + + +--+--+ ... 10 Oct 2009 20:25
Holiday Game
This is crude (un-polished) mock-up of a Fifteen (Sliding) Puzzle game. #include( "stdlib.hhf" ) type blank:class var column :int32; row :int32; left :boolean; right :boolean; up :boolean; down :boolean; board :dword; procedure create( field:dword ); procedure check( x:... 11 Dec 2008 16:04
Win32 non blocking console input?
I need a simple Win32 console program which waits for a single key press within a given time-out (like the 16 bit Therefore I either need a read with a time-out (seems only to work with device handles, but not with the stdin console) or a non blocking getc. I have done an ugly hack, but I think there... 5 Nov 2008 18:09
NASM 0.98.39 vs. NASM 2.03.01 disassembly
Just an FYI, I was cleaning up the 16-bit .asm I created from NASM's 0.98.39 insns.dat to find errors with Willow's Crudasm. I ran the resulting NASM 0.98.39 .bin file through Ndisasm.exe from NASM 2.03.01 (both for DOS). This is a list of those instructions which didn't disassemble the same. If it appeared ... 22 Sep 2008 02:05
announce: my very first disassembler now available (GPL)
I just finished my very own disassembler, written from scratch. It takes a 750-line input script file that specifies the x86 and x86-64 instruction set, and produces a disassembler. Unlike other disassemblers, mine is enjoyable to work on because it is coherent, you have a script file that makes sense (to me at lea... 21 Aug 2008 14:30
Opening for Process Engineer @ Pune
Hello We are Looking for Process Engineer for our client at Pune Location. The candidate will be responsible for working with Process Engineering Group on the following initiatives and activities:- Experience in implementation of Organization Level Initiatives Implementation and Rollout of PEG Projects. Pas... 21 Jun 2008 08:40
Correction: Linux distro request
"Rod Pemberton" <do_not_have(a)nohavenot.cmm> wrote in message news:fti0h6$cp$1(a) "Rugxulo" <rugxulo(a)> wrote in message news:f1800076-532c-4be3-801f-83edbd89d8c4(a) ZipSlack swears to be usable on 8 MB (or even 4 MB with swapfile), but I've never tried (y... 9 Apr 2008 05:21
Linux distro request
"Rugxulo" <rugxulo(a)> wrote in message news:153a52fb-80eb-4c97-b17d-26b0c4ae8cd4(a) lite Linux distro: I've also been looking for a GCC development Linux distro that has: 1) (prefer) bootable CD .iso 2) (prefer) Live-CD to install 3) (required) unmountable CD (Poo... 12 Apr 2008 20:39
Why is my nasm program killing itself?
Frank Kotler <fbkotler(a)> writes: If you thought I was trying to tell you Nasm would make an ELF executable out of any old source code... no, it will not. Sorry for the confusion. That indeed was the confusion. Building valid elf headers is the job of the binutils, not DDs in asm source. Phil... 16 Apr 2008 15:38
Hi! I learned a lot about the Windows API while writing this, so I thought I'd share it with you guys. No solver, 'cause you should use your brains to solve 'em, not your CPU. It is just meant to do it on the screen, instead of the paper. Enjoy! Or if you don't, you don't have to tell me, there is enough b... 9 Dec 2007 23:43
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