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Kaspersky AV 2010 -- Issues
Three of the low-end XP machines I manage have been running identical configurations of Kaspersky AV 7 and Spybot S&D, with all realtime protections turned on, without major issues. It has come time to renew the three-machine Kaspersky license, so when I applied the new activation code to the first machine I enco... 24 Jul 2010 16:39
Hitman Pro 3
anybody have comments? haven't seen this one before -- Tommy ... 15 Jul 2010 14:16
Secunia's Q2/2010 vulnerability report
Secunia released their mid-year 2010 vulnerability report recently: This is what I found interesting (page 6): --------------- Figure 2 visualizes the dynamics in the Top-10 group and indicates that popular vendors are also subject to more scrutiny... 16 Jul 2010 14:19
Simple hack to get $500 to your home.
Simple hack to get $500 to your home at Due to high security risks,i have hidden the cheque link in an image. in that website on top side above search box, click on image and enter your name and address where you want to receive your cheque. please don,t tell to anyone. ... 14 Jul 2010 04:24
The Security Suite/TT Livescan Details are available on the front page. Enjoy. ... 20 Jul 2010 00:31
-- salutation lisiane ... 12 Jul 2010 06:19
AVG Win32/DH.CAFF82037E
Does anyone know about a false positive for AVG reporting Win32/ DH.CAFF82037E "may" "unknown" virus? ... 11 Jul 2010 19:17
Dustin Cook -Admitted hacker
"Dustin" <bughunter.dustin(a)> wrote in message news:Xns9DAFAD7A2993AHHI2948AJD832(a) "\(William Regal\)" <ve(a)> wrote in news:4c363baa(a) A criminal never reforms. Sure we do. Ever seen tv? So now you are a hacker. I never claimed I wasn't. Doh! All I've cl... 9 Jul 2010 11:37
Suggestions for antivirus apps to carry on a CD
As a Mac user I've been out of the Windows loop for a while. A friend now wants me to stop by and run some antivirus apps as he is positive he is infected. What would you suggest for a set of apps to put on a CD to carry with me? ... 9 Jul 2010 07:13
Cold call scammers pushing rogue antivirus Beware of cold call scammers pushing rogue antivirus By Dan Goodin in San Francisco � Get more from this author Posted in Malware, 5th July 2010 06:02 GMT Malware-pushing scammers appear to be stepping up their use of telephone-based pitches, res... 6 Jul 2010 20:01
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