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Dustin Cook - Kingsport, TN-Cookie Lied again
"\(William Regal\)" <ve(a)> wrote in news:4c330843(a) Looks like the others are correct. You are a Liar. It's easy to say something, much more difficult to back it up with factual evidence tho. -- I hate when I just miss a call by the last ring (Hello? Hello? Damn it!), but... 8 Jul 2010 18:04
TT Livescan
[Posted to] TT Livescan is an online malware scanner that implements several combined databases of nearly 40 million signatures (as of July 4, 2010), totaling nearly 2GB in size. The scantimes are limited almost entirely by internet latency. However, if you are using a sattelite ISP, it is not recommende... 5 Jul 2010 00:13
Immunet Protect
Has anyone any thoughts as to the worth of this "cloud " based antivirus ie who is behind it ? is it worth using ? is it worth running along side another av such as avira ? if so is the paid version worth investing in ? Looking forward to your thoughts, ... 5 Jul 2010 19:57
Tab + Kidnapping = 'Tabnabbing"
"The Real Truth MVP" <trt(a)> wrote in message news:i0j55q$tm8$1(a) A Firefox developer is warning of a new kind of phishing attack that preys on users' inattention to which tabs they have open in their browsers. The attack is perpetrated by JavaScript code in a specially-cra... 2 Jul 2010 01:30
Malware threats on legit web sites
FYI: wolf k. ... 1 Jul 2010 12:10
Mac OSX Virus? (2)
On 30/06/2010 15:50, ~BD~ wrote: [snip argument that you needn't worry about Mac viruses]; Check out: wolf k. ... 6 Jul 2010 12:14
Dustin Cook - Kingsport, TN
Say Dustin, you have not answered this. So it must be assumed you lied about the Tennessee law. "Bullwinkle" <BDTJ(a)> wrote in message news:4c1bc7ef(a) Exactly where in the Tennessee code does it say you can use deadly force to protect property? "Dustin Cook" <bughunter.dustin(a)gm... 7 Jul 2010 23:22
WOW! A lot of spam messages lately hu.. -- K Klement Enhance your marketing at mailto:info(a) Gypsy Designs Fax: (403) 242-3221 .... Don't force it - get a bigger hammer. ... 29 Jun 2010 17:22
BD (simply put)
This says it all! "~BD~" <Boater_Dave(a)> wrote in message news:i0499j$ufv$1(a) I'm saddened you see it that way. I have worked very hard to gather folk together into *this* group, selected specifically for my purpose. -- Dave ... 26 Jun 2010 08:38
Microsoft Security Essentials
Bill wrote: Since Ubuntu Linux has apparently went the way of releasing buggy-as-hell software, I reluctantly installed Windows 7 on my PC. Much to my surprise, I find that Microsoft has released a free AV for Windows users. Do you feel that Windows 7 is less buggy than Ubuntu Linux? The Microsoft... 21 Jul 2010 18:00
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