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KRiLE and Zvi Netiv... for old times sake New and Improved: Antivirus Software Invircible Not A Credible Anti-Virus Program Juha Saarinen Invircible has caused a storm in the anti-virus teacup for some time now. Its New Zealand distributor, the Virus Defence Bureau (formerly known as Second Sight Li... 3 Jun 2010 20:07
Raid/Dustin Cook Mercilessly Taunts Victim Of His Krile Virus
George Orwell <nobody(a)> wrote in news:b93a93a6c4ee0c8ce0ab9bda0f5c2e90(a) (On this page, Raid/Dustin Cook cackles and taunts a person whose comp is infect with his Krile virus. The entire page is Raid enjoying himself while his virus destroys the man's data.) http://www.pcre... 3 Jun 2010 14:29
Raid & 'C' Word Again
"George Orwell" <nobody(a)> wrote in message news:885ce87fd7f759b518d5061becc4655a(a) (The asteriks for the missing word in this post is for the 'C' word. 'Cisco'? ... 3 Jun 2010 06:43
Dustin Cook: More Threats - "we'll deal with the rest of you as time allows."
(At least this time the jerk didn't threaten to shoot someone in the head - not yet, anyway.) <yawn> On 18 Nov 2005 12:22:50 -0800, "Dustin Cook" <> transparently proposed: Careful John, I might become interested in you ... 3 Jun 2010 04:33
TT Livescan Database Update Information - 6-3-2010
Approximately another week until the update is complete/uploaded. The databases are currently compiled, and I'm in the process of adding new code. The new database (whitelist and blacklist) will have a combined total of approximately 35 million definitions. http://www.tot... 5 Jun 2010 12:29
Raid/Dustin Cook Sneers & Seeks To Detroy AV Program
Dave U. Random <anonymous(a)> wrote in news:0bdb7bdfea5a1631df238c69ea45400c(a) 74f2c301e1f2/79d479157dd0b85a?hl=en&q=group:alt.comp.virus+author:raid# 79d479157dd0b85a Feb 14 1998, 3:0... 2 Jun 2010 19:47
Vista & Norton Internet Security 2010
Vista is reporting that no firewall or anti-malware is active. I just purchased Norton 2010 and it is running. All its' indicators say everything is turned on. Am I doing something wrong? When I am asked if I want to turn on the firewall (for instance) I say 'YES.' The Norton window (its' control panel) show o... 4 Jun 2010 11:24
The thugs have taken over
I see that Raid and the couple of jerks he has for but bumping buddies are now attacking anyone who posts in these av groups. Oh, yes, he definitely has changed - he's even worse than he was. ... 1 Jun 2010 19:42
Wow - VT really backed up today (06/01)
-> Your file is queued in position: 985! Got through right away on jotti though. I had to turn off Kaspersky as it was going nuts flagging autorun.ini and jack.exe jotti just had f-secure and Kaspersky reporting it as malware. jack.exe has been on the server since September 2009 but five vendors flagged th... 1 Jun 2010 10:49
Dustin Cook: One Month Ago Threatens Children - He's Changed?
Nomen Nescio <nobody(a)> wrote in news:6cdfaa23ae2bc6471653425ee0e3167c(a) "The Real Truth MVP" <t...(a)> wrote in news:hpaiak$bja$1 That's right, Demonstrate for the world what your really here for. Pcbutts? Excellent defense! :) Are you an ex writer for ... 1 Jun 2010 08:36
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