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> So the idea of a machine where you all your mistakes are erased at switchoff
> for free is a relatively new (1970/80s) invention. Possibly this is also
> because there's now a difference between what you do /with/ a machine (which
> is usually undoable) and what you do /to/ a machine (ie unscrewing things,
> which isn't)

> I think it's gone up again: in comparison with all those 1980s ROM-based
> machines, you can do a lot of damage by deleting C:\WINDOWS

> Theo

Surely, that last sentence should have ended:

"you can do a lot of _good_ by deleting C:\WINDOWS"... ;-)

Also, you can totally kill a motherboard by pulling the plug when
halfway through reflashing the BIOS, although, to be fair, this is an
unlikely event for most ordinary users (except when certain trojans
decide to do the equivilent of this action).

I think the main difference today is that a replacement main board no
longer costs a month's wages any more.

Regards, John.

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From: Ian Rawlings on
On 2008-12-03, alexd <troffasky(a)> wrote:

> Somebody gave me an HP Jornada 720 recently [19x3x9cm], and it seems to me
> like the ideal portable form factor. The keyboard is even vaguely usable
> too. Unfortunately it's about eight years old, so can't run any 'modern'
> software. That Pandora looks rather like a portable games console of some
> description.

That's one of the original primary aims for it, but putting a keyboard
on it and an increase in RAM has turned it into a viable mini-laptop,
I'm likely to be using it for stuff like wireless scanning mainly (for
work). A 10-hour battery life looks likely, but you know what
manufacturer's specs are like! It's sort of a community-based effort,
the spec put together by members of the retro gaming community who
used to use the GP2X and GP32, so production runs are limited.
Chances are it'll turn out to be as viable as the Journada was.
That's why I'm getting an Eee too once the specs are updated in the

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