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>>> "Ant" wrote:
>>>> I just found out that I'm older than Dustin Cook's dad. With regard
>>>> to computers, I've been operating/programming them since 1974.
>>> 4 years prior to my even existing. :) Not that it matters much. In 8
>>> more years, I'll be older than my Dad.
>> Is he going to be stuck in time? Hang on a minute, are you saying he
>> was only 8 or 9 years old when you were born?
> No. He passed away at age 40. I'm almost 33 now. So in 8 years, I will be
> older than him; as he's dead and isn't aging anymore...It's just one of
> those things you don't expect, then one day.. it happens.

Both my parents are gone now.. my mom just last year... so I understand your

>>> I don't think I ever tried to say I'd be doing this longer than you
>>> Ant. :)
>> You never know, you may end up doing that - or does being an old geek
>> not appeal?

> the geek doesn't bother me as much as it did in school; intelligence has
> nice rewards, but at the same time it's a double edged sword. I had a
> sinking feeling when I was a kid messing around computers how things
> would be when I got older. And for the most part, things worked out as I
> expected them too. Very disappointing, but predictable.

I wish I could say something that would encourage you, Dustin. Perhaps, the
future will be better than you could have ever imagined. That's what
happened for me, anyway.

> If you wound up with a family and the nice house and pickett fence and
> all that jazz then you beat the norm. Being a geek usually includes
> antisocialism; and for me, it will eventually be my undoing. heh, the
> irony of the whole situation is I more than likely will be directly
> responsible; perhaps on purpose even.

I'm a bit of a geek... and even more unusual a female geek.. sort of LOL
.... try wrapping your mind around that bit of irony ... only I am better at
the creative stuff .. LOL I think the notion that geeks (or computer
people) have an antisocial bent is a misinterpretation of the reality that
most of us are independent, practical, creative, artistic people, and also
good at math.. Are you good at math?? :) Creative people don't have the
same need for alot of social acceptance... not that creative people don't
enjoy it ... we just don't depend on it like some other personality types
might. FWIW.. you don't seem antisocial to me at all.. just normal. LOL

> So to sum it up, if getting older (60s, 70s) or however old you are,
> under present conditions does not appeal to me.

Actually, the older a person gets, the more comfortable it gets being true
to ones self. You are 33? It gets better ....... :)

Jenn (from Oklahoma)

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Dustin Cook wrote:
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>>>>> I do not believe he/she is involved in Cybercrime in any way. /Those/
>>>>> are the 'bad guys' in which I am interested.
>>> | Software piracy isn't cybercrime?
>>> Bindo !!
>>> IP theft of the Internet is indeed a "cybercrime".
>> It is exactly what TRT accused Malwarebytes of doing - and they did!
> Excuse me? Please explain exactly what you mean by this...
I'll simply quote David Lipman who said in this thread .........

"They blocked access to an IP and had signature detection for his
plagiarized utility."

From: ~BD~ on
Dustin Cook wrote:
> His point however stands. If pcbutts were actually an mvp; why would he
> want your computer to no longer access the sites related?

I cannot answer for him/her.

However, *if* there actually was a 'Law of Averages' is would say,
categorically, that *some* of those appointed as MVP's *must* be BAD guys.

Whilst I cannot prove same to you, Robear Dyer (PA Bear) has lied, many
times, about me having been banned by one or more ISP's. I have never,
ever, been banned by any ISP. As he has lied about that, he may well not
be the Mr Nice Guy some folk think he is.

> Before you keep calling us fuckwits, you need to do your homework. Jenn
> doesn't think your a troll, but alot of us are pretty sure you are. Your
> methods of investigation wouldn't be tolerated in any military setting I
> know of... so I don't understand why you think they would be here?
I was once seconded to an audit team to carry out a routine check of the
Chief Petty Officers Mess Fund at RNAS Culdrose, Helston, Cornwall. The
supervising officer of that fund, a professional 'Suppy and Secretariat'
officer was subjected to my 'outside the box' questioning.

Long story short - he ended up in prison for embezzlement and was
dismissed from the Royal Navy. I got a pat on the back!

Every question I ask has a reason to it, not always obvious to the
recipient. It soon becomes obvious to me who is honest and
straight-forward and those who are less so!


Dave - I seek only the truth!
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