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From: "~BD~" <BoaterDave(a)>

| JD wrote:

>> You said: "In the past, I did try out all the tools." Hmmm. That's
>> interesting.

>> Which tools specifically did you try out?

| All of them - I think (but could be mistaken. I was a long time ago)

>> Can you go to this web page?:

| I can - and have been, often!

Here's a proof of IP theft.

Go to the following page.

- Is this website "h**p://" authorised to distribute Unlocker? No it is

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From: "Leythos" <spam999free(a)>

| In article <hpdafi$8p2$1(a)>, okf22(a) says...
>> Since 1974 ? Hmmmm. I doubt it that you were programming at that time. Have you used
>> punch cards at all in your time at all ? if that what you posted would be only be
>> true.

| Punch cards, both the 96 and the earlier version as well as having to
| toggle instructions into the "computer" via switches and then
| increment... We've come a long way since those days.

Used "punch cards" in college.
{ I look back at it like it was the Model T }

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From: "FromTheRafters" <erratic(a)>

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>> I do not believe he/she is involved in Cybercrime in any way. /Those/
>> are the 'bad guys' in which I am interested.

| Software piracy isn't cybercrime?

Bindo !!

IP theft of the Internet is indeed a "cybercrime".

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| Beauregard T. Shagnasty wrote:
>> ~BD~ wrote:
>>>> <snip>

>> Asked and answered.

>> Why don't you agree to meet your new chum PCButts for dinner this
>> evening?

| That was a very juvenile response, Bts.

| Which part of this did you fail to comprehend? :-

| If you are quite certain of your facts then I believe you have a public
| *duty* - maybe in conjunction with all those who are in agreement with
| you - to bring about a prosecution of the offending individual.

| I cannot believe that help in not available to you in Obama's USA.

| "Put your money where your mouth is" comes to mind.

| As they say in the navy "Make it so!"

/* Provide the $50,000 USD ! */

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From: Ant on
"Dustin Cook" wrote:

> "Ant" wrote:
>> I just found out that I'm older than Dustin Cook's dad. With regard
>> to computers, I've been operating/programming them since 1974.
> 4 years prior to my even existing. :) Not that it matters much. In 8 more
> years, I'll be older than my Dad.

Is he going to be stuck in time? Hang on a minute, are you saying he
was only 8 or 9 years old when you were born?

> I don't think I ever tried to say I'd be doing this longer than you Ant. :)

You never know, you may end up doing that - or does being an old geek
not appeal?