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David H. Lipman wrote:
> From: "David Kaye"<sfdavidkaye2(a)>
> | "David H. Lipman"<DLipman~nospam~@Verizon.Net> wrote:
>>> Whatever the issue it appears to be fixed as it is 1732 hrs my time and your
>>> post appears
>>> as 1719 hrs so it is a MOOT POINT now.
> | And I call your attention to the fact that (1) I wrote an email to Eternal
> | September suggesting there was a daylight time problem, and (2) I did no
> | changes to this computer between last night and now.
> | Thus, to the folks who doubted me and took your textbook theory and threw it
> | at me, you might re-examine what you post and not make yourselves look so
> | foolish in the future.
> Actually, no.
> JUST DROP IT. As I noted MOOT POINT now.
> { Others posting from all over show NO issues with a time offset and nothing in the
> support group }

This is *not* a trolling question!

To what do you refer, David, when you say "support group"?

An answer will be appreciated.

Dave BD
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>> "David Kaye"<sfdavidkaye2(a)> wrote in message
>> news:hpb1gn$ltp$15(a)
>>> ~BD~<BoaterDave(a)> wrote:
>>>> Did you speak to Ray Banana about the possible server fault at E-S
>>>> causing your clock error?
>>> First, I don't have a clock error. My clock was and is correct.
>>> Second, I
>>> didn't speak to anyone at ES. I simply emailed them on their form.
>>> So, they
>>> probably jostled something with their foot and everything is fine
>>> now.
>> Until the next time you lag from old daylight wasting time to new
>> daylight wasting time.
> Are you doubting David's word FTR?

No, I'm suggesting that it isn't fixed *there* either.

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> Hello, Heather!
> You wrote on Sun, 4 Apr 2010 17:49:51 -0400:
> |
> | Just so you know. And my daughter lives out west, so I am well aware of
> | time zones.
> Bty, I don't live in BC, I live in AB, 1-hours difference

LOL!! Figured that.......darn near included AB because it is the one time
zone closer to me than BC. Daughter is in Vancouver and did have Shaw.

> --
> With best regards, gufus. E-mail: stop.nospam.gbbsg(a)

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> I have copies of his picture as well. He is *not* a young blonde
> woman.

Although, in its defense, it did sound like a whining little girl in
that post to Dustin. :oD

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The Real Truth MVP wrote:

> Look you idiot since you are so sure you have "pictures" of me then
> post them. You have my permission to use them. Don't just find any
> picture now make sure you authenticate them. If you don't post them
> then everybody will know you are a BS liar.

I told you before I am not a slimeball like you, and that I wasn't going
to post your pictures. Besides, your family pictures were all freely
available - on your myspace page, thus authenticated by *you* - and
there ain't no blonde women (or men) in that photo array.

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