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The Perfect Computer - 36 bits?
On my web site, at I have started a page exploring an imaginary 'perfect' computer architecture. Struggling with many opcode formats with which I was not completely satisfied in my imaginary architecture that built opcodes up from 16- bit elements, I note that an 18-... 17 Apr 2007 09:25
Searching for the PDP-3
I'm trying to find out what became of the one and only PDP-3. "Computer Engineering" by Bell, et al., 1978, states that it was up and running in Oregon. Does anyone have any more details? It was built at the CIA's Scientific Engineering Institute (SEI) and -- according to participants I've interviewed -- use... 20 Feb 2007 09:04
old microcode listings
Does anybody know where I can find microcode listings for old Data General, IBM S/360, or Norsk Data machines? Microcode for the T-11 ("Tiny") PDP-11 microcontroller would also be greatly appreciated. -Peter ... 22 Jan 2007 05:51
Software vs Hardware
Hello Comrades, I propose the following Premise: It seems to me that much of the features that would benefit the average user of a computer could be better implemented in hardware than in software. Currently most of these features (multimedia, networking/communication) are implemented as software applications. ... 26 Dec 2006 02:20
First Next-Gen CELL Processor: 2 PPEs - 32 SPEs - at least 1 Teraflop latest Cell Roadmap "During a recent event IBM has unveiled a few details on Cell roadmap.As you can see Cell will be manufactured at 65nm during next year and a next gen version of the chip is expected... 19 Dec 2006 02:13
Need SimpleScalar GCC Compiler
My partner and I are doing a project involving SimpleScalar. We need to make a program of our own to use with sim-cache. I'm under the impression it's a simple matter of creating an executable with "ssbig-na-sstrix-gcc". However, I have no idea where to get this compiler. It's not in simplesim, simpletools, or ... 30 Nov 2006 13:41
Why so little parallelism?
Arbitrary vector permutation by a permutation vector, vector reversal, insertion of a vector into a vector, and so forth in log(n) time and O(n) switches if you allow pipelining is pretty obvious. Building on that, log(n) time sorting with O(n) elements with pipelining is pretty obvious. I just spent hours waiting ... 1 Feb 2007 06:47
Historical question, what went wrong with bubble memory?
kenney(a) wrote: I can remember several years when magnetic bubble memory was going to be the next big thing, replacing most other forms of storage. It then seemed to disappear without trace. Has development stopped? Ken Young If I remember right it was very slow, very expensive... 20 Nov 2006 15:02
IA64 and emulator performance
Hi, I can't seem to find any (post-Montecito) numbers on IA64 and performance on 32-bit code. Does anybody know about relevant benchmarks or even approximate performance numbers? -k -- If I haven't seen further, it is by standing in the footprints of giants ... 8 Nov 2006 12:28
New information on POWER6
An EEtimes article <>, has the following information, not previously public (AFAIK): 1) L2 cache is 8 MB total (for the die presumably) 2) Memory bandwidth is 75Gbyte/second (for the die) 3) Minimum voltage for full operation (doing work) is 0.8V (f... 14 Oct 2006 04:13
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