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Performance of SMT on Atom
We recently got a Zotac IONATX A board with a 1600MHz Atom N330 CPU, which supports SMT (or "hyperthreading" in Intel's marketingspeak). We tested it using our LaTeX benchmark <>. It runs in 2.3s-2.4s (in 32-bit mode), about the same speed as a 900MHz Athlon, o... 10 Nov 2009 00:26
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Motherboard unusuable because of 1 millimeter of missing plastic ?!?!?!?!
John Larkin wrote: Some court should issue a restraining order keeping you 100 meters from any computer. No, someone should taser skydummy every time he touches a computer. It will either force him to stay away from computers, or fry what little is left of his mind. -- The movie 'Deliveran... 31 Oct 2009 17:41
hardware prefeth, branch predictor in the context of multitasking
Hi all, branch predictors and data prefetchors are usually evaluated by considering a single task: the fixed benchmark is the unique program executed for evaluating the efficiency of the hardware data prefetchor or the branch predictor. With the multicore era, desktop and servers will execute more and more ... 29 Nov 2009 13:28
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The future of CPU based computing, mini clusters.
The future of CPU based computing, mini clusters. This was the NVidia Fermi thread, subject changed. Do you need a main CPU if your GPU has 400 processors? The answer for Windows and Unix is yes you need a CPU, but for OS/X I am not so sure. For the next generation of game consoles if you could t... 4 Nov 2009 08:35
Maximum ammount of local variables in cg shaders ?
Hello, I have a few questions about local variables in cg shaders... I read arb_fragment_program and arb_fragment_program2 specification which is about the assembly side of things... There seem to be about 64 temporarely registers available or so... However so far it seems it's possible to use many more l... 24 Oct 2009 01:22
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GL_MAX_PROGRAM_EXEC_INSTRUCTIONS_NV limitation "per pixel" or "per frame" ?
Hello, I have a little question about GL_MAX_PROGRAM_EXEC_INSTRUCTIONS_NV. On my NVIDIA GTX 7900 it returns: 4530371 Does this mean each fragment can execute 4.5 million instructions before being terminated ? Or does this mean all fragments together can execute at most 4.5 millions instructions before b... 24 Oct 2009 00:17
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