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Immigration: The shocking truth about the immigrants who openedthe floodgates
On Wed, 07 Oct 2009 16:42:08 -0400, tnom wrote: Going by the past practice this post is completely fair game for Let's see if Ray, mikey ,Bill, Walter, Neil, ect. can dilute this group enough to make as useless as many other groups have become. You are doing e... 8 Oct 2009 08:57
Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ38 vs DMC-FZ35
Hi. An acquaintance has recently bought a Lumix DMC-FZ38 and has some problems loading the RAW files into the legacy version of ACR that works for Photoshop CS3. Apparently, there are slight differences between the European (FZ38) and US (FZ35) version of the camera and the latest version of ACR and the DNG c... 4 Oct 2009 11:01
Nikon SDK - MAID3 API - D3 Software Development
Really good article which is above in the forum i would like to share few things about software development services The customized software solutions are also convenient for the organization. Like any software development company, the service providers of the custom-made software development assure maintenance if req... 1 Oct 2009 21:50
Cactus V4 Flash Triggers
Thought some may like to hear about the new Cactus V4 wireless flash trigger system from Gadget Infinity. URL for your viewing pleasure... I've been doing a shoot of several Ferrari's documenting repairs for a client and taking some shots for myself n... 1 Oct 2009 01:45
Where was I? Oh, yeah, "Interesting" comments (long)
On 2009-09-28 20:29:09 -0700, "Frank ess" <frank(a)> said: Just to inject a little (photographic) life into this political group, please find attached my obligatory commments on the entries in Mr Bowser's "Interesting" challenge. I say "obligatory" because it seems to me posting an entry into ... 17 Oct 2009 12:53
Things Not Usually Seen From My Back Yard...
On Sep 24, 1:11 am, Twibil <nowayjo...(a)> wrote: The Big Dog -a Douglas DC-10 Jumbo Jet converted for fire-fighting- shows up to survey the scene. People on the ground were actually applauding the plane. Whoops. (Dumps wrong URL) Sorry. (Inserts correct one.) 24 Sep 2009 04:54
guide to compactflash specs, compatibilty (reason: older p&s)
i have a 512 mb card that's gone bad. canon tech says the s200 (aka ixus v2, 2003) takes up to 2 gb card, but wouldn't say why. and other comments had me doubt his advice on compatible card. searching about compactflash... found only minor mention of compactflash spec "revisions", but nothing about realworld ... 4 Oct 2009 08:48
wildlife fotos ... 24 Sep 2009 02:44
Think P&S's only suck at high ISO?
Think again. Here's a $600 Canon Powershot SX1 versus an Olympus E-620 ($799, two zoom lens kit) at 200 ISO. ... 26 Sep 2009 17:59
Chest strap or harness for DSLR while backpacking
I am looking for a good chest strap or harness solution for carrying my DSLR while backpacking. I have seen several on the web, but was wondering if anyone here has had any experience with any of them and how well they work. Carrying my DSLR using the neck strap gets old fast. Not only do I have to prevent the ca... 3 Oct 2009 21:00
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