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> > What about:
> >
> It's not FF.

It has an exceptionally large sensor for a non-interchangeable lens
If only Canon would come up with something similar, preferably on 4 AA
and with an articulated (swivel) display.

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On Sat, 17 Apr 2010 14:09:27 +0200, "Rutger" <geen(a)> wrote:

>Not completely true: i like the canon 7D much moren than the 350D.
>Big is better in my hands, heavy is more stable.

I have a 350D and bought the battery grip both to be able to extend
the time between changing batteries and to give a bigger area to grip
with. Smaller is not always better. And when the day comes that it,
or a similar camera, is too heavy for me, I'm likely to be either dead
or bed-ridden so it won't matter.
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> Who would be interested in a camera with a large (FF or even bigger)
> sensor, with a high pixel count (let's say 24MP or more) and
> interchangeable lenses, but with a very compact body due to a mirrorless
> design?
> Would be great to have such a thing, but I suspect that the market for
> such a camera would be quite small, because pros usually like big and
> heavy.

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