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C++ / Fortran interoperability
Has anybody been thinking about C++ / Fortran interoperability? Obviously, there are a lot of things in C++ that Fortran cannot do, such as multiple inheritance, templates and constructors. Still, a common subset larger than the C interoperability probably exists, and might well be useful. For practical purpo... 6 Aug 2010 04:58
Bugs in LAPACK95 GESDD (was: who maintains lapack95?)
kamaraju wrote: What seems to be implied above is that the bug is in the Fortran 95 interface to dgesdd rather than in the Lapack 3.x routine DGESDD. Is that the case? <--CUT--> ! However, The problem is with the la_dgesdd.f90 routine assigning wrong value ! to JOBZ variable around line 202. It ... 6 Aug 2010 04:58
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Text or pictures? (was: non portable - a problem with direct access)
Richard Maine wrote: Clive Page <junk(a)> wrote: Screenshots? Are you serious? Why would the gfortran manual need screenshots? That's ridiculous. I thought that I'd seen one somewhere, and I tracked it down: a very informative screenshot of the g95 compiler in action: ... 4 Aug 2010 19:03
Gauss-Jackson ODE solver
Anyone is able to write a code solving ODEs by Gauss-Jackson method? ... 8 Aug 2010 20:00
Error in Lapack la_dgesvd.f90 (Was: who maintains lapack95?)
kamaraju wrote: Do you mind divulging the error that you found in C.L.F. ? Thanks. No, not at all. Consider the sample code ! The problem is with the la_dgesdd.f90 routine assigning wrong value ! to JOBZ variable around line 202. It assigns JOBZ='A' where as in this case, it should have as... 4 Aug 2010 17:58
list of subroutines called
Dear friends, I have a old package in f77. I am using some feature of this in my own code. I am "make"ing the full package of the old one, but not using all of them. I can not, by hand check which subroutirens/functions/ entries are actually called and which are not called but compiled. Is there any way to check o... 4 Aug 2010 16:53
who maintains lapack95?
I found a bug in la_dgesdd.f90 of lapack95 package available at . I tried reporting it to jerzy.wasniewski(a) (as instructed in the website). But the message bounced back as undeliverable. Any one knows the maintainer of LAPACK95 or if this package is maintained at all? ... 4 Aug 2010 14:41
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