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How to dump/read user-defined types with allocatable components?
Hi! Many of my user-defined types look like a X-mas-tree and new types are built on top of the old ones. Some of them have allocatable components. In certain occasions, I would like to just dump such a beast to file/screen, and maybe read it back from file later. Below is a sample that is not accepted by g95: ... 9 Jul 2010 05:03
Passing overloaded function as argument to subroutine
Is it possible to pass an overloaded function as an argument to a subroutine/other procedure? (I'm talking about Fortran90+ here.) For example, say I have function that is overloaded to accept one or two inputs. I then want to send use this function as an argument in a minimisation subroutine. Depending on the... 7 Jul 2010 20:05
Multi dimension char array
Hi, I want to form a multi-dimension character array in fortran. the strings look like: abc_1242.doc asd_3294.txt wee_543112.txt ...... ..... I wrote: character*20 :: list*10 do i=1:10 read(50,'(a)')list(i) ! Here is the problem. How can I mention about the columns? enddo ... 8 Jul 2010 04:47
MATLAB chrashes when loading FORTRAN dynamic library
Hello, I am not sure this is a FORTRAN problem. But I have a strange crash when I try to load a dynamic library compiled from FORTRAN source. MATLAB allows to load libraries dynamically with 'loadlibrary' function. The function receives a library name and an H-file (C header file) with a description of library... 14 Jul 2010 16:30
Fortran problem
Hello, I have a parallelepiped, structured mesh, which means that he is divided in nodes. I have the velocity vector for each node and I want to evaluate the vorticity vector, which is: w_x=(f(x,y+1,z)-f(x,y,z))-(f(x,y,z+1)-f(x,y,z)) w_y=(f(x,y,z+1)-f(x,y,z))-(f(x+1,y,z)-f(x,y,z)) w_z=(f(x+1,y,z... 7 Jul 2010 01:29
calling a real from C I have read many times about fortran-c interop in c.l.f. and wanted to search for these articles I have read. The screenshot shows how utter this failure was. q1) How do I do a keyword search of c.l.f.? -- Uno ... 9 Jul 2010 23:49
non printing characters
Someone sent me a program fragment to look at. It appears frequently in programs that he encounters. [typeless octal constants as bit patterns] character*1 ff,lf,cr /"014,"012,"015/ Yes, I know that combining a declaration with a data statment like this is non-standard. Aside from using the Fortran 95 (so... 6 Jul 2010 05:42
Why not 0?
Please, could somebody explain me what is happening. I simply allocated a matrix called "a", but figured out that the program is inserting some strange values to some of its elements (like 1.057229231618489E-307 or 6.941570408926931E+228), even before I set any value to it! Shouldn't all the values be zero before a... 5 Jul 2010 23:14
Problem dynamically loading a library
Hello, I am experimenting with dynamically loading a library and its procedures. So far I have not achieved what I want though - I am wrapping the dlopen() and dlsym() system functions on Linux via the iso_c_binding module. I am using Intel Fortran 11.0 on Linux for this, but ultimately this should work on ... 8 Jul 2010 08:02
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