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Static and/or Dynamic site scraping using PHP
I just got a project to do on PHP of scraping the body items from static sites or just html sites. Could you experts please suggest me some quick resources? I have to make an WP plugin with the data as well. Regards Lenin ... 3 Sep 2009 05:38
Encrypting email
I have been asked by a product manager what our options are for encrypting email messages with sensitive information. We are currently using PHPMailer to send email. What can be done to encrypt those messages? Can it be done without OOP? Server configuration: RHEL 5 Apache 2.0 PHP 5.2.3 PHPMailer 1.73... 3 Sep 2009 05:37
Soap Client Help
Hi All, I am using the following code to build a SoapClient with some web service: //////////////// <?php ini_set("soap.wsdl_cache_enabled", "0"); ini_set('default_socket_timeout', 600); $client = new SoapClient("",array('trace' => 1)); try {... 3 Sep 2009 05:36
problems with gnupg extension.
Hello all, I'm trying to use the gnupg extension and I think everything is properly installed. I'm just using test data. I'm encrypting and then immediately decrypting. But the decryption is failing with a unhelpful error message. error message : Warning: gnupg::decrypt() [gnupg.decrypt]: decrypt failed... 3 Sep 2009 05:36
Am I being hacked?
I set up a simple form to save comments on my webpage, and after just one day of going live, i'm getting weird comments up like this declare @q varchar(8000) select @q = 0x57414954464F522044454C4159202730303A30303A313027 exec(@q) I don't recognise this code - is this an attempt to do something nefarious, ... 3 Sep 2009 05:35
Error printer_open()
Hi. I'm trying to use the printer functions in my php development. I add the php_printer.dll in the "c:/php/ext/" path. I add the line in the php.ini file like that: extension=php_printer.dll. But that doesn't work and gives the next error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function printer_open(). What can I do... 3 Sep 2009 05:34
I've been trying to locate this file and could not find it in the downloads area and got this message when I tried - "The pecl4win build box is temporarily out of service. We're preparing a new build system. " Any suggestions? Thanks. ... 3 Sep 2009 05:34
openssl extension problems: error:0E06D06C:configuration fileroutines:NCONF_get_string:no value
I'm trying to use the openssl extension for PHP. Having some problems and trying to figure out if the problem is in openssl or PHP's wrapper around it. The problem happens when I call openssl_pkey_get_private(). The function returns failure and openssl_error_string() returns "error:0E06D06C:configuration fil... 3 Sep 2009 05:34
pdf_new() uncalled Function
Hi, I use Linux, and I had installed PHP using yum install php. I am trying to use the pdf_new function to create pdfs from existing text files, but I get this error PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function pdf_new() I have noticed that when I run the phpinfo() command, I cannot find the PDF phr... 3 Sep 2009 05:32
[PHP] Export/Write rows from DBF to CSV
Ave, I'm trying to retrieve data from a DBF database and write it to a CSV file in a comma delimited format. I'm able to get the data and write it to CSV, but it only writes the last row/record ... not all the records. I know I don't have the correct code and I'm hoping someone can help me... ________... 3 Sep 2009 05:32
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