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[PHP] PHPlot patch
Hi, I was using Phplot for a project of mine and I had to do some modifications in the phplot.php code to show the data values at the peaks of the graph. I would like to commit the modification code to the phplot repository so that others can also use it as an inbuilt functionality. If I want to commit to t... 24 Sep 2009 07:07
Does anyone here use TCPDF?
PHP List, I posted this question on the TCPDF forum on SourceForge, but it's getting no response. I'm not even sure how active their list is. So I'm hoping someone here might be able to help if they are using TCPDF. I just need to get th... 24 Sep 2009 04:55
Performance of while(true) loop
Hey list, I have a php cli script that listens on a UDP socket and, when data is sent to the socket, the script inserts it into a database. I'm using the real BSD socket functions, not fsock. The script runs socket_create(), then socket_bind(). Then it starts a while(TRUE) loop. Within the loop, it runs socket... 10 Sep 2009 13:38
Error message
Hi folks, I am new on this list and to php. I have just downloaded and gotten php 5.3.0 working with IIS on one computer but my efforts to install it on another computer come up with the error message: 14001 (0x000036b1) Can anybody tell me what this relates to? Thanks Bruce ... 5 Sep 2009 23:04
Magento shows blank page.
Dear my friends, Anybody has ever the same experience as I am having now with PHP5CGI and Magento? I'm using Apache, MySQL and Mandriva 2009.1. What I've done is: 1. Downloaded the Magento from: and some other from is from: http://www.m... 3 Sep 2009 17:22
Searching on AlphaNumeric Content Only
Is there is a way to search only for the alphanumeric content of field in a db? I have an itemID field that contains item #'s that include dashes, forward slashes, etc, and I want people to be able to search for an item # even if they don't enter the punctuation exactly. Here's an example: let's say the... 5 Sep 2009 02:22
parse_ini_file problem [SOLVED]
Hi Jim, Cheers for the reply. I had to swap the quotes around to get it running on the windows command line. This from the 5.3.0 machine that does not parse: ------------ C:\wamp\www\digishop\install\lang>C:\wamp\bin\php\php5.3.0\php -r "print_r(parse_ini_file('1-ISO-8859-1.ini.php'));" PHP Warning: pars... 3 Sep 2009 05:51
How to output a NULL field?
$rs->Fields(22) equals a NULL in the database My Code: if(empty($rs->Fields(22))){ $q4 = ""; }else{ $q4 = $rs->Fields(22); } Produces this error: Fatal error: Can't use method return value in write context in D:\Inetpub\wwwroot\evaluations\lookup2.php on line 32 Line 32 is the "if" line... If I s... 3 Sep 2009 05:51
security question of ZCE exam
Hi all, i'm discutting with my friend about this question for 30 min and i do not agree with he. Here is the question: Why is it important from a security perspective to never display PHP error messages directly to the end user, yet always log them? Answers: (choose 2) Error messages will contai... 3 Sep 2009 05:51
Hi all! I'm making a class for handling different things depending on what web server are you running PHP. Can you tell me the output of this script and your environment? <?php echo PHP_OS, PHP_EOL, PHP_SAPI; ?> It'll be useful to me to have different values, especially from Windows or IIS ( Please ... 3 Sep 2009 05:50
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