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Merry Xmas and Happy New year
Hey Guys, Have a great new year and merry Christmas. Regards, Gautam Bhatia mail2gautambhatia(a) ... 29 Dec 2009 03:13
MySQL Increment/Decrement
I hope this isn't a bone-head question - Is there a MySQL query that will increment/decrement the value in an integer column with a single query - in other words, I don't have to run a SELECT query to get the value, add/subtract to/from the value, and then run an UPDATE query to store the new value? Thanks ... 29 Dec 2009 08:37
SQL Queries
Hey, Lets assume I got a table named "users". It contains id & name. I have another table called "notes" - which contains id, user_id, contents I want to delete all users from table "users" that don't have notes (SELECT .... FROM notes WHERE user_id=ID) returns empty result. What is the fastest way to do... 21 Dec 2009 09:06
Checking for internet connection.
Hi all. I'w writing a PHP app that is designed to run over a LAN, so internet connection for the server is not really essential. Some users may deliberately not connect it to the internet as a security precaution. But I'd like the app to make use of an internet connection if it exists to check for an update... 23 Dec 2009 12:12
Class "COM" not found
(moving to php-general(a), please reply-to-all if you have more questions) DBus would be the only extension that comes close to what the COM extension does on windows. See There are currently no documentations (and apparently no releases?) but you can check it out f... 17 Dec 2009 04:57
file_get_contents ($file) works -- file_get_contents ($url) returns false
No. And it doesn't matter if the url is local (localhost, or remote. On 2009-12-09, at 10:30 PM, kranthi wrote: may be unrelated to your problem... but are you behind a proxy? ... 16 Dec 2009 00:28
file_get_contents ($file) works -- file_get_contents ($url) returns false
Strange problem I'm having on Mac OS X Server 10.6 running PHP 5.3. Any call of file_get_contents() on a local file works fine -- the file is read and returned. But any call of file_get_contents on a url -- any url, local or remote -- always returns false. var_dump (file_get_contents ('')); ... 16 Dec 2009 05:48
request for support
I'm using PHP 5.2.11 with Apache 2 (and i also tried Apache 2.2) However, when I add this entry to my httpd.conf: <code> LoadModule php4_module "C:/Program Files/php/sapi/php4apache.dll" </code> Apache will crash when trying to start the service. If I comment the line out, Apache starts just fine. Than... 8 Dec 2009 10:50
mod_rewrite...https index page -> http index page
My apologies, this is not strictly PHP...but it is relevant to a great number of PHP application frameworks that many of us use or will use. I have a Magento installation that relies heavily on mod_rewrite. For the most part, I have all of my canonical URLs worked out, minus one issue. How do I make sure that h... 1 Dec 2009 10:32
When will we get the official x64 php binaries?
In case this mail is not sent out. Send again! From: Buddy Hu Sent: Tuesday, November 17, 2009 3:00 PM To: 'php-general(a)' Subject: When will we get the official x64 php binaries? Hi All, I noticed that in the snapshot page<>, we have a VC9 x64 Thread Safe binari... 17 Nov 2009 02:53
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