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mysqli_connect problem
I am a newbie. The following script works but the second one (below) loads the variables from an html form and then fails. The connection command in the second sript are identical as the first script was copied from the first. Only the variable values have been changed. #!/usr/bin/php # <?php $first_name = '... 28 Feb 2010 17:51
Wondering if anyone has experince with lastRSS
Hey all, I'm looking at lastRSS as a solution for displaying an Ebay RSS feed on a website, however i'm having a hard time wrapping my head around it, could you guys suggest a good tutorial? also, if there are better solutions for what i'm trying to do, bring it on. Thanks, Watson ... 3 Mar 2010 00:48
Header function
Hi all Has anyone got any ideas why the following isn't giving me correct filename in the ie save dialogue header('Content-Type: application/msword'); header('Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="PurchaseReq.doc"'); I get the save dialogue, but with preq.doc instead of PurchaseReq.doc Preq.p... 1 Mar 2010 06:59
Registry class question.
Hi, I've build a registry class to store settings I need to use in several other classes. Currently I've set it up with a static array in the registry class and using two methods to access the settings and values storeSetting($key,$value) { $this->_settings[$key] = $value; } getSetting($key) { return... 27 Feb 2010 05:35
Post and Redirect
I remembered seeing this question on the list several times in the past, so I thought I would post something I just hacked up for someone. As we know, we can user header() to redirect the browser, but of course we can't redirect the browser and have it post data to the new page. If you need to do this it will re... 26 Feb 2010 16:29
JPGraph error.
Hey guys. In my system we�ve got an option of getting charts of some data and it�s many options. My problem is that it works fine on my test server but in my client�s server it gives me the following error as you can see. *** glibc detected *** /var/www/html/bin/httpd: munmap_chunk(): invalid pointer: 0x... 26 Feb 2010 08:34
weird behavior: Apache mod rewrite
Hello everyone, this is my first time in this mailing list. Using: PHP Version 5.2.10-2ubuntu6.4, Apache/2.2.12 I'm redirecting all the request into one file with ( .htaccess ): RewriteEngine On RewriteRule .* index.php My index code is: <?php echo $_SERVER["REDIRECT_URL"]; ?> In the same directory I... 26 Feb 2010 05:16
Magento & SOAP2
Hi Does anyone on the list have experience with the above? The documentation is only on SOAP1.x, but not on SOAP2 and the calls are completely different: SOAP1.x: 25 Feb 2010 14:52
Accessing Windows File Comments
One of my users has asked if I can display comments with a file list on their site. So I thought I might be able to use the comments from the properties of the file. Is there any way I can access this from PHP? The files are actually stored on a Linux box. Thanks! Floyd ... 25 Feb 2010 12:34
HipHop and other PHP compiler performance evaluation
FYI -- Regards, Manuel Lemos Find and post PHP jobs PHP Classes - Free ready to use OOP components written in PHP ... 2 Mar 2010 02:27
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