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File encryption under PHP
Folks: If I wanted to encrypt a file in PHP and then write it out to disk (one-way encryption, requiring a password), what PHP built-ins might you recommend to encrypt the contents of the file before writing it out to disk? Paul -- Paul M. Foster ... 1 Apr 2010 22:28
How to know which PHP is used by Apache
Hi All, In the situation if there are two PHP's installed on the Linux box. How to know which PHP is used by Apache? Another question is do Apache need PHP's binary to execute PHP Scripts? If yes what is the role of in Apache? Note: PHP is configured as module under Apache. Appreciate your thou... 2 Apr 2010 03:54
scripts never fork: Unable to fork
Hi! I am having this issue on my Apache 2.2.13 webserver running PHP 5.2.3 on a Kernel Linux Box. error_log: [Sat Mar 20 23:41:34 2010] [error] [client] PHP Warning: exec() [<a href='function.exec'>function.exec</a>]: Unable to fork [cat /proc/loadavg] in /server/apache/htdocs/test.php on ... 31 Mar 2010 13:16
PHP GUI library/package
Hi All, I have a web project built in PHP which we want to break out part of into a stand-alone GUI program. The architecture is fine - display nicely separated from logic, so coding is not a problem. What I can't work out is what to use for the GUI part. I looked at phpqt but I can't (yet) get that to build ... 31 Mar 2010 13:16
Something wrong with the PHP-INSTALL list ?
Any replies I send to PHP-INSTALL list, I get the follow response: Any ideas why this is happening ? -------- Original Message -------- Subject: Re: [PHP-INSTALL] installation problem with php and Apache [Incident:100331-000506] Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2010 06:48:44 -0400 (EDT) From: Abuse Department <postabuse(a)ma... 31 Mar 2010 14:23
Still searching for a bugtracking system
2010/3/30 Alex Major <php(a)> Surely if it's not suitable for your situation, it's not the best? :) Mantis is what I'd recommend and believe has already been recommend to you. Runs using PHP and MySQL, it's flexible for public or private projects, multiple projects etc. I do agree with... 30 Mar 2010 16:09
How to redefine a function if it doesn't exist?
On 30 March 2010 14:16, Andre Polykanine <andre(a)> wrote: I need a quoted_printable_encode function but it's available only since PHP 5.3. How do I redefine that function only if PHP version is lower than 5.3? function_exists(). if (!function_exists('myfunc')) { function myfunc() { ... 30 Mar 2010 11:39
how to provide download of files mow in documentroot
Top posting sucks, so I'll answer the post somewhere down there. <SCNR> 2010/3/29 Devendra Jadhav <> Then you can do file_get_contents within PHP. or any file handling mechanism. On Mon, Mar 29, 2010 at 1:00 AM, ebhakt <im(a)> wrote: Hi i am writing a web app... 31 Mar 2010 05:28
Sessions and Security Concerns
Hi, I'm just wondering whether there are any apparent security concerns I should be aware of when using sessions in my PHP scripts. I understand that sessions are tracked with an individual user via a session ID which is stored in a temporary location on the server, as well as a PHPSESSID cookie assigned to the ... 29 Mar 2010 08:03
PHP to server prompt
Hallo there everyone, i am using a command on the server (kinit)and after that a password is required to type in the thing is that i would like that to be done automaticaly from the php code! i found that one< 29 Mar 2010 04:46
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