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Pivot Table - Easy way to add multiple Columns into Data secti
Thanks Roger. I presume this is not a nonprogramming solution here? I'd love to simply select column 1, ctrl, select column n (and take the range of columns) and add them all ... perhaps asking too much? No prcedure or add-in solution? Thanks, "Roger Govier" wrote: Hi Johnny The following co... 2 Jan 2010 18:18
Error Message - Input Range must be a contiguous Reference Help!!!
I'm desperate for an answer to this question!!! What does this error message mean and how do i fit it???!! Doing mutliple regression analysis and I transformed all my data to logs and tried to run a regression on the data and I've swithched around the columns the data appears in, filled in all blanks spaces i... 1 Jan 2010 05:27
totaling $$
I have one column with a,b,c,d rankings I have another column with related $ values How can I add sum the $$ values related to all of the a,b,c,d separately ... 31 Dec 2009 19:51
How to cc the sender using vba and outlook
I am using Ron de Bruin's "Mail one worksheet" code to send email through excel and outlook. Is there a way to cc the sender so they can confirm the email was sent? Sub Mail_ActiveSheet() 'Working in 2000-2007 Dim FileExtStr As String Dim FileFormatNum As Long Dim Sourcewb As Workbook Dim... 31 Dec 2009 13:14
Excel 2003 and Time Formats
So, I just upgrade my OS to Windows 7. I have a spreadsheet that does time calculations from time to hours. It has worked flawlessly for years, and even for the first day I had Windows 7... in the same spreadsheet. Now it doesn't seem to recognize the 12:00 AM format and it's being interpreted as text, not t... 29 Dec 2009 15:17
"File Error: Data May Be Lost" when file saved on Mac is opened in Windows
I have the next problem while working with big report with macroses. The first time report is opened and executed with special file it with Excel for Mac 2004. Then saved file is sent to another user who opens it in Excel 2003 or Excel 2007 for Windows. In Excel 2003 the "File Error: Data May Be Lost" appears on an... 28 Dec 2009 10:46
TEXT(F2 "0,0") displays 1 as 01, & how to bold and underline in TE
I understand the TEXT function, however when I format it as TEXT(F19,"0,0"), I get 1,000, displayed correctly. Also 10 thru 999 displays correctly, but 1 displays as 01, 2 as 02. Can I suppress the zero in single digit numbers? Also, is it possible to bold and underline within a TEXT function? ... 25 Dec 2009 16:54
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas to everyone who helped me, and as well as to all excel users. And Merry Christmas to all Microsoft Office programers! Merry Christmas! ... 25 Dec 2009 07:12
Vertical Indent in Excel 2002
Please help me to create Vertical Indent in Excel 2000 or 2002 because the border line are very near to the text given in a table, it looks very congested in the gap between lines and text when we use auto fit to rows option. there is any solution for this please help me i want to know the option. ... 25 Dec 2009 11:30
Economical Auction Site
-- Looking to make money at selling items on the web? Give us a try at We are economical and cheaper then our competitors. To unsubscribe, please reply with unsubscribe in the subject line. ... 24 Dec 2009 23:46
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