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excel hyperlink not working
A co-worker is trying to create hyperlinks in different cells which link to files in a shared network directory. When he sends the files out, no one can access the links, they refer to a local directory (ie: file:///C:\Documents and Settings\ - and so on) However when you look at the formula bar, the correct ... 12 Nov 2009 12:53
Pivot Table Calculated Field - Sum/count
I have a pivot table that returns data from a SQL View. The pivot table counts the total number of incedents, and sums a SLA met field. The SQL table returns a 1 if the SLA was met, or a 0 of it was not. Why, when I try to get the percentage (sum of SLA / count of incedents) using a calculated field does every... 10 Nov 2009 10:43
Different cells that need to sum in one
I have one cell that needs to contain the possible sum of cell (A1*B1) or (C1*D1) or (E1*F1) but only one of the 3 possibles For example : A1 is $10.00 B1 is QTY 1 Sum is $10.00 C1 is $8.00 D1 is QTY 1 Sum is $8.00 E1 is $7.00 F1 is QTY 1 Sum is $7.00 Also would be nice if I could allo... 8 Nov 2009 10:46
Convert SPI Open Access Spreadsheet
Help! I need a means of converting a large number of small spreadsheets to Excel. The spreadsheets were created in SPI Open Access Spreadsheet module, and saved in the CMP compressed spreadsheet file format. Can anyone advise ? ... 8 Nov 2009 10:46
im tring to use these formulas 52 cells horizontally examples g5,k5,o5,s5,w5,aa5 etc can i please get some help or an example ... 7 Nov 2009 22:52
Can I 'hyperlink' within a workbook from the first worksheet?
I am using Microsoft Excel 2008 for Mac. I would like to create a hyperlink from a "summary tab" that will link to other woksheets in the same workbook. It works just fine until I save it, after I reopen and try to access the hyperlink the following error is returned: (Can not open specified file). Does anyone... 6 Nov 2009 12:35
I setup a hyperlink for a cell in excel. It links to another folder on my PC. Whenever I click to open it I get "MS Office Excel Security Notice" notice/warning. How do I turn that off? -- David in Houston ... 6 Nov 2009 14:48
How to import external data into excel?
Does anyone have any suggestions on how to import external data into excel? When I try to import the external link into excel, I wait forever, and cannot retrieve the data at all. Does anyone have any suggestions on what wrong it is? Thanks in advan... 6 Nov 2009 13:42
What is causing "Too many different cell formats"?
I have been seeing this error with users that share workbooks between Excel 2000 and 2007. I what the error is... and I know how to fix it. What I think is happening is that something the uses are doing is causing the creation ... 6 Nov 2009 07:03
Excel 2003 Database Query
I am importing external data to a worksheet using a data base query. The query is a union query in sql, not the design grid. How can I use parameters as part of an sql statement? Can I use a "Like" operator with a wildcard (%) in the parameter? ... 5 Nov 2009 11:09
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